World of Warships

New map for Update 0.8.4 Update, and some CV changes

WorldOfWarships7 - New map for Update 0.8.4 Update, and some CV changes

So In the most recent Dev Blog they have announced a new map for 0.8.4


7q1n16mi3ft21 - New map for Update 0.8.4 Update, and some CV changes

The New Map

It is designed for tier IX — X battles and in two versions for the “Domination” mode: with 3 or 4 control areas. Local weather is also present on this map and will be applied with the 25% probability for tier X battles

As per usual with Wargamming this is a pretty safe left middle right map design. That is assymetrical

r9joxq2l3ft21 - New map for Update 0.8.4 Update, and some CV changes

The maps Basic Layout

Is safe. It works. But i am disappointed that they did not try anything new or risky. But i have noted the additional island cover at the A and B caps, this intrigues me greatly as i love to play more aggressively the addition of these heavily covered cap circles will allow for the DD’s to get into the cap.

HOWEVER, there is too much cover and i feel there are going to be loads of DD stale mates until one of them gets bored and pushes. Getting nuked by all the light cruisers that will ultimately camp the islands at the cap borders

dqr6dv1o3ft21 - New map for Update 0.8.4 Update, and some CV changes

Where I expect the Cruiser Hotspots to Be

Around these islands here

The C cap in this instance is slightly better with a big crossfire into the cap but can be avoided by taking a safer route using the islands to the east

Continuing on with these islands. There shallow.

“Although the map is filled with a large number of islands, their height allows not only to use them as cover, but also to attack the ships hiding behind them, if they are spotted by allies “

In short get reading to be Harugumo, Worcester and mino spammed with impunity battleship players.


At least all the islands are on the cap circles leaving loads of room for the open water cruisers and BB’s but this is another very campy map created. Bare in mind I have only counted the surface ships CV will do its thing and spot everything anyway. Especially with those low islands.

Speaking of CV. There is a balanced change coming which i am fond of

One of the most important points in interaction between aircraft carriers and other ships is the possibility of very early spotting of most of the enemy team. It significantly affects the tactics of battle and often deprives the ships with good concealment of their advantage at the very beginning of the battle. To reduce the impact of aviation on the detection of teams, we have introduced a preparation time for takeoff of squadrons at the beginning of the game. It will depend on the level of the aircraft carrier:

Tier IV — no delay;

Tier VI — 15 seconds;

Tier VIII — 30 seconds;

Tier X — 45 seconds

Thank god. For this change this gives players an extra minute ish to at least get to the caps before being sky cancer'd to death.

Overall i give this map a C its gonna be okay.. Nothing special the usual tactics will work


The Devblog those those intrigued about some of the other changes

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