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New problem: People who won’t (or don’t know to) use radar

WorldOfWarships5 - New problem: People who won't (or don't know to) use radar

Something I've run into this past week with increasing frequency: people who won't use radar, either because they're selfish or just clueless. Numerous times there's been situations where we know there's a smoked up or otherwise undetected destroyer in a prime position to be radared and deleted, but the radar ships either flat out refuse to use radar, or just don't react at all.

Some examples:

– Holding the A cap on Northern Waters in my Conqueror. I keep popping in and out of detection, and a stream of torpedoes keeps coming my way from behind an island nearby. It's obvious there's a Shimakaze very close to me. There's a friendly Petropavlovsk on the other side of an island from the cap, well within radar range. I ask him to radar, I plead with him to radar, I ping him to radar. He won't radar. Since I can't keep dodging torpedoes forever, I retreat from the cap and sure enough, the Shimakaze flips it. We push back in, and way too late — long after the Shima has escaped behind cover — the Petropavlovsk finally radars.

After the game I get a long abuse-filled diatribe about how "if he wasn't being detected he knew there was nothing within radar range and he sure as fuck wasn't going to waste radars", apparently not understanding that if he's on the other side of an island from the Shima, he wouldn't be detected.


– Pushing in to the C cap on Crash Zone Alpha. We're going in with numbers, and get detected close to the cap. Sure enough, suddenly there's a suspicious smoke cloud in C which is being captured. Our friendly Baltimore is well within radar range, along with five friendlies. We could easily have deleted the Z-39 in the cap, but the Baltimore won't radar. People are pleading with him, pinging him, and he just keeps responding with "negative". So people start turning away, start stopping, start falling back.

Again, long after the cap has been flipped and the Z-39 has obviously pulled back out of radar range of our now rapidly withdrawing team, the Baltimore charges in and pops radar well out of range of anything. He gets spotted and deleted by the enemy team.

And numerous other cases where radar ships would have been within range of smoked up destroyers and could have turned the tide of the game, but they just simply refuse to radar even when people are pinging them and repeatedly asking for radar in chat. Where is this coming from? Don't people understand how radar works, or are they just too selfish to use it if they aren't in optimal position to shoot themselves?

It's a big problem in my eyes, because much like CVs, radar is so powerful and so limited that a team saddled with a player who can't or won't use it properly is at a massive hindrance compared to the team that isn't.

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