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WorldOfWarships3 - newbie with questions

attention: kinda long post

so i just got into wows and im really having a blast so far, but there are a couple of things i dont get yet. i started really getting a feel for the game in the first 3 tiers of ships, but now im in tier 4-5 and things seem to be kinda different/more strategic here. help would be appreciated:)

-when do i use ap ammo with a battleship (& i know this is always ship dependent, but just kinda in general)?

-since tier 4 my cruiser has torps, but whenever i try to use them i either get blasted by warships or destroyed by more mobile destroyers. only good games i have with cruisers, is when i stay back & behind cover, never getting too close to anything. but i dont like that i have torps and i can almost never really use them. so how is one supposed to play cruisers with torps? cant imagine that u just dont use them at all.


-when playing battleships something really annoying happened to me twice: before i was eve able to fire at a single enemy i was blasted with torpedos from planes, like 4-5 salvos in 2 minutes. is there a way to play around that with a battleship? dodging seems impossible to me with those clunky things. or is this just the natural counter to battleships, even more so than smart destroyer plays?

-there is no premium ammo right? cuz id hate that?

thanks to anyone who made it till this point.

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