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Newish IJN Cruiser/Destroyer player looking for suggestions on next cruiser line to focus.

WorldOfWarships3 - Newish IJN Cruiser/Destroyer player looking for suggestions on next cruiser line to focus.

So I'm definitely loving the IJN's "gunboat" Destroyer alternative line and I've picked up nearly every other destroyer line except Pan Asia (heard those aren't doing well and didn't seem interesting to me anyway). I definitely like the destroyer class but I've had an eye on a nice cruiser to get. I'm looking for something that has a very fast rate of fire and is good at setting things on fire (I really like spamming HE >:D). The rate of fire is to do with wanting a cruiser that's good at murdering Destroyers and the fact my aim is probably still pretty terrible in this game. While I like the IJN Cruiser line its pretty painful waiting 8+ seconds on a reload only to find out you missed or that pesky destroyer turned out of the salvo while it was mid air.

Currently going down the Russian/French and American line of cruisers but I ditched the German line (felt very "MEH") and British line (didn't like the fact they didn't have HE) and looking for which line to focus first. When it comes to other aspects of what im looking for outside of rate of fire and being a HE noob I don't particularly have a preference when it comes to torps (still pretty bad at using them outside of being rushed in a defensive situation). When it comes to stealth/mobility and range I don't really have a preference either but as a fan of destroyers I certainly like Speed > Stealth > Range of main battery > Torp effectiveness in that order of importance. The main battery range is probably the least important to me because due to the furthest a target being the better you have to be at leading. Despite this I know there are ships that use range + stealth to get some cheeky ambushing shots on unsuspecting vessels.


To those here that played tanks I sum up my play-style as a lover of speed over armor and autoloaders. I like being frail but sneaky and enjoy the burst playstyle. In know this conflicts with my HE spam slowly burn people alive in WoWS, where Torps replace the burst capabilities in this game. If I was to choose what I look for with torps it would probably be ships with more launchers + torps per launch or fewer with a VERY fast torp load time where I feel torp range is less important to me in my current state. Those aspects I feel would teach me how to master torps faster given that is how the burst playstyle is played.

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Thanks for all the suggestions in advance!

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