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Note to all: Getting Benham for free means you must play all but 2 days out of the 25 event days

WorldOfWarships4 - Note to all: Getting Benham for free means you must play all but 2 days out of the 25 event days

Edit2: Make that all but 1 day. Mistakenly associated 2 daily missions with 2 days. Math redone. Can't edit title, though.

Just as a reminder of the math, you need 800 tokens for Benham.

There are a total of 850 tokens available for free, through the following means:

  • For completing all Directives of the Rogue Wave event—up to 250 tokens.
  • From Daily Shipments—up to 50 tokens.
  • For completing economic missions in Savage Battles—up to 300 tokens.
  • For completing Daily Missions—up to 150 tokens.
  • For completing a special marathon (complete 48 missions out of 50)—100 tokens.

A margin of 50 tokens sounds decent, although quite the grind. However, the catch lies in the special marathon, which requires 48/50 Daily Missions completed. Daily Missions themselves give 3 tokens each.

You can miss up to 1 day's worth of Daily Missions (aka 2 Daily Missions) and still be fine. Assuming you complete everything else, which probably isn't too difficult despite being fairly tedious, you will only lose 6 tokens and get 844 tokens at the end.

If you miss one more though (half a day, total 1.5 days), it stops you from completing the marathon. Meaning you lose 100 more tokens and you only get 741 tokens at the end. You'll need to pay for 4 prem containers (roughly USD20 worth) to get your tokens.


With that, consider carefully how you intend to spend your time. The last 1/3 of the first Daily Mission and the second Daily Mission set require wins. For an average 50% winrate you need eight games at least, and at 15 mins per game on average this will cost you about 2 hours a day. Whether this level of commitment is worth it is up to you.

Personally, FWIW, I don't mind the event too much. Heck, 20 USD for a T9 premium is pretty darn good value, and the mode itself is fun. If the reward was just Hill and nobody brought Benham into it, I think people would be liking this event. Don't let fear of missing out spoil things for you. If you feel the grind is not worth it and it starts getting frustrating, take a deep breath and leave it behind. There are nicer, more important, things in life to spend time on than a single ship in game.

Edit: Getting Hill now should improve things a bit, but you still can't miss more than 3 days. If you get Hill now, you get 3 more tokens/day for 75 tokens total. However, miss 3 full days and you are down to 66 tokens. Taking all else into consideration, it just gives you 732+66= 799 tokens.

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