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Official Discord Dev QnA #2 [Part II]

WorldOfWarships4 - Official Discord Dev QnA #2 [Part II]

Q: Will WG add an option to make the guns stay in place? For example: Yamato front guns stay forward, and its back guns don't turn <...>

A: No plans for now. First of all, situations where a player is in need of having one turret stand still rarely happen. A player usually tries to aim as many guns as possible, or at least turn the turrets to the needed direction. Secondly, the technical realization and the UI support of the feature will require a lot of time and effort. It will also be quite difficult to implement this mechanics on ships with unusual turret configurations. Therefore, as there is a little need in such functionality, and as we are currently focused on other changes and improvements, we have no plans for the feature.

Q: The Puerto Rico dockyard event was said to be an early access mechanic for the ship herself, but we have yet to see her appear in the armory. Any ETA on that?

A: In World of Warships there are a lot of ships that are available to players only for a short time (for example, rewards for in-game events or special premium shop offers) or only for a certain resource (steel ships). Getting them at another time or in another way is not possible, which in some way makes this ship additional value for players. Puerto-Rico belongs to such ships, as it was the main reward of the New Year Dockyard. So, we have no plans to distribute Puerto-Rico in the near future. But who knows, maybe one day this ship will be available for obtaining again.

Q: Is there any progress on implementing helicopters as utility aircraft for ships equipped with a helipad?

A: At the moment we have no plans to add helicopters to the game. But World of Warships will exist for many more years and who knows what can happen in the future.

Q: Are there any plans to revisit how AA works? As it stands the nature of passive AA leads to little meaningful interaction between CV and their targets.

A: Currently the AA is in a fine state. We've done several changes to make the interaction with CVs more active, for example, we've updated the priority AA sector in 0.8.7, which made the efficiency of players AA depend more on his actions. There is also DAAF consumable activation and active maneuvering to counter CV attacks. Making interaction with CVs more active might excessively complicate the gameplay and make players concentrate more on it when fighting several other ships, which will not always be comfortable. However, we are having some thoughts about AA mechanics, but it's too early to tell any details.

Q: What is your stance on Akizuki and Kitakaze? Among the top players, they are almost universally perceived as outstandingly overpowered, yet they have managed to avoid nerfs ever since the IJN gunboat DD branch extension.

A: The main point here is that Akizuki and Kitakaze are perceived as OP ships by strong players. These players, of course, have more experience and are more skillful, they know the game better than average players, who make up a vast majority of our audience. However, in terms of balancing, we try to make changes which will be most suitable not only for the smaller group of our players, but also for a vast majority of players. Akizuki and Kitakaze may be perceived strong by skillful players, but are overall OK for a common player. Taking all this into account, and the fact that these ships are currently in a fine state both in terms of overall winrate and balance, we have no plans to change them for now. Nevertheless, we are keeping an eye on these ships and will make changes in deem necessary.

Q: Will the Epicenter game mode ever be addressed with regards to starting points and point gain rate? As it currently appears, the game mode tends to last significantly shorter than other game modes, which makes for an unpleasant game experience and players loathing the mode quite often.


A: In fact, according to statistics, the average duration of a battle in epicenter mode is only 1 minute shorter than in domination mode. The gameplay in this mode is really a little bit faster and more dynamic, but this is its peculiarity. That's why we don't plan to change its settings at the moment.

Q: Why do CVs get so much attention when they are only 1/12 players in about 50% of matches?

A: All this is because the other classes of ships in our game have established mechanics and gameplay, but aircraft carriers were completely redesigned last year. And of course, in order for the aircraft carriers to completely fit into our game, it took a lot of small additional edits and changes during several updates. Even now, despite the fact that we are happy with the сarriers' gameplay and their balance, we make changes from time to time, as it is always possible to improve something.

Q: Can you change the port UI so that we can see the effects of captain skills or equipment before we actually lock / pay for them?

A: Actually, we have some plans to change the UI and informativity of commander's skills when the updated skill system is released. However, we cannot give you any specific details for now. If by equipment you mean upgrades, we have no such plans towards them.

Q: If aircraft carriers are balanced now, how come it isn't allowed to bring more than one in a division?

A: The aircraft carriers are actually in the balance right now. However, this class of ships is also balanced taking into account the team lineups. At the moment in our game there can be no more than 1 and in some cases 2 aircraft carriers in a team. Therefore it makes no sense to change the current restrictions. In addition, the removal of such restriction would have created an unnecessary load on the matchmaker, and the players who decided to go into battle with two aircraft carriers would have to wait a long time for their battle.

Q: What is the reason behind most T8 and lower cruisers not having access to the Repair Party consumable? <...>

A: All ships in our game are balanced with taking into account their consumables, including the presence or absence of a repair party. The absence of a repair party for any ship is always due to other ship characteristics and features, such as speed, maneuverability, detectability or for example the presence of a smoke generator. For example, tier IX-X cruisers tend to have higher detectability range, size and often worse maneuverability than tier VIII ships. So they are equipped with a repair party. Also, for many ships, the very style of gameplay implies the need to play carefully without making such "mistakes" as getting caught in enemy fire.

Q: How about making it so that if you don't pick a CV in clan battles but two battleships, you will also face a team with two battleships rather than a CV? That way those who don't want CVs in Clan Battles can choose not to have them in their games!

A: No plans for now. The main point of Clan battles is to provide a Clan vs Clan combat, while supporting different team setups for participants. During Clan battles commanders of each clan choose the setup most suitable for his team, taking all the risks and possible outcomes into the account. Each Clan can use any setup which fits the restrictions, like, for example, only 7 cruisers or 7 DDs. Restricting particular setups, or creating a different queue for a particular setup (like 1CV+1BB) goes against the logic and the idea of Clan battles. Besides, it will excessively overload the Clan Battles matchmaking, which will result in players waiting significantly more time in the queue. Clans waiting for much longer may refuse to play, which, respectively, will result in even further increase in the matchmaking time.

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