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OK, help me out here (Gearing)

WorldOfWarships3 - OK, help me out here (Gearing)

So- Recently got the Gearing. Have 30-ish battles on it and… sorry. I don't see the point of this ship.

Maybe once upon a time it was a great T10 but right now I don't see what this thing is good for. At all. Powercreep has been VERY real, and as a DD is straight out outmatched for the tier, and is not even good as a "jack of all trades"…because there are better out there.

Let's make a T10 comparison…

-Shima: Another victim of powercreep but at least it has two things in which is the best: Concealment and 15 brutal torps on the water each couple minutes. No other DD can do that.

-Yueyang: A straight up better Gearing. DWTs might prevent you from torping smokes to hunt DDs, but are much better against anything else. And has a smaller hull than Gearing, so is harder to hit. Fast-reload smokes are FAR more useful for soloing in randoms. Only thing Gearing has over Yueyang, objectivelly, is DFAA, a consumable that on itself many people don't even bother with on Gearing anyway. Not enough.

-Z52: 5.9km hydro. GGWP gearing.

-Harugumo: Best DPM in any DD, laughs at 32mm armor (which is a downright absurd trait for a destroyer, even more with this DPM), can send 12 torp barrages with the consumable. Gearing has better concealment, technically somewhat better torps (at least if he uses fletcher's), but that's about it.

-Grozovoi: It's a straight up better Jack of All Trades in everything but torpedo reload. It's a bit less agile, and fires somewhat slower but has laser guns with godly reach if using AFT, so unless you're really close that slower reload doesn't really matter. Other than that it's faster, also has DFAA, 60% bigger fire chances…the list goes on and on.


-Khabarosk: It's not really a DD and we all know what happens if a Khaba wants a Gearing dead. Gearing dies.

-Daring: With harugumo the ultimate in powercreep. Murderous reload, increased AP pen angles (as if it needed it with that DPM), Hydro, Smokes on demand (short duration but given the radar meta, you can't stay within any smoke cloud for anything more than a few seconds without being lit up for everyone to shoot you into orbit), HEAL PARTY (are you kidding me?), laughable fire chances, very reasonable torpedoes, only 100m worse concealment, and a bit slower. It's an utter monster.

One would say that, well, Gearing can smoke very well. Turns out that such US Specialty (Smokes) is pretty much worthless when in every game there are 2-3 (and 4 is not rare by any stretch of the imagination) radars in play per team.

Thus far I've found out that the only thing Gearing can do reliably without dying is hunting Shimakazes. Big deal. In everything else, it's literally shat upon every other T10 DD out there…

So, please help me out. What's the deal here?. What am I missing, if I'm missing anything?. What makes this DD anything but garbage level for the tier?.

Because it seriously has nothing in what it's good (rather in what it's good, others are better, or is pretty much meaningless because of the everpresence of Radar making smokes mostly useless).


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