World of Warships

Old player getting back in looking for a good T8 prem

WorldOfWarships6 - Old player getting back in looking for a good T8 prem

Hello everyone,

I used to play this game a longggg time ago, as in before they did a reset (don't know if they did more than one or not) and I couldn't be bothered to grind back up the lines. When I played, I got up into the higher mid tiers (up to six or seven, can't really remember), mostly in the IJN and USN destroyer lines. I think this was before they reworked the IJN DD line and split it. I meddled with some cruisers as well.

However, now I'm looking to get back into the game very casually, so I was considering just buying a high tier premium and skipping one grind, while working on some low tier lines. I was eyeing up the USN BB line, so I figured I'd spring for an Alabama since it is apparently pretty similar to the North Carolina and among the easier to play T8 BBs, but I was also considering the USSR and IJN light cruiser lines – fast with powerful guns.

I've always liked the glass cannon type ships that are capable of dishing it out. I'm by no means an exceptional player, but I'm certainly not a brand new player and I always try to enjoy game mechanics like bow tanking and armour layouts, etc, so I'm not going to broadside a Yamato in a T8 prem anyways.


However, I am somewhat inexperienced with battleships in particular since I mainly played DDs and cruisers so I would like to start with a more user friendly prem, even at the expense of "so and so BB is completely OP but you have to be really good at it", if that makes any sense. I have lots of experience from WoT in dealing with teammates with <1k games rolling around in high tier prems being completely useless, and if I thought I would be a serious liability, I wouldn't even consider buying a T8 prem.

Telling me to "git gud" and that I "must get a T8 tech tree" before getting a premium isn't very helpful. Offering opinions on user friendly, viable, and FUN T7-T8 prem BBs and cruisers would be very helpful.

Also, I have not kept up with the game outside of the occasional Jingles video, so if the state of the game has currently gone to shit (any more than the status quo, at least), that would be nice to know.


Hi, thanks for all the suggestions. I'm going to roll with a referral code first, and look to get my hands on an Atago. I've decided that it's probably not a good idea to buy a BB if I'm not very experienced with BBs in general and not even necessarily sure if I'll like the playstyle, but I already have experience in IJN cruisers so that's probably my best bet.

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