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On the Prinz Eithel Friedrich campaigns.

WorldOfWarships1 - On the Prinz Eithel Friedrich campaigns.

Weegee, what the fu*k.

Just what the genuine fu*k.

Before starting on the full-on rant I should note some things. I am a full-on F2P (short of a single small purchase for the Cossack mission), I am a very avid WOWS player of average skill (not 10k-battles avid, but avid enough to get the two T9 Prem Battleships and possibly the Krons with no cheatsies in Doubloon conversion), and I do appreciate the free things that WG have given and I have shown distaste for those complaining about the free gifts.

As we have seen, the P.E.F campaign in general has some very shitty limits, especially so for the last directive of the Campaign. You are given 12 days to finish the P.E.F missions before the free T6 campaign and the Steel campaign together. Among these, the P.E.F missions require you to grind 4 million credits for different nations each, for an unspecific number of nations, and the Steel Campaigns requires the use of only the P.E.F.

Let's put this into perspective.

-The 12 days take place in full likelihood between Jan 10 to Jan 22. These are in the start of Working Periods and School: the latter being very important here. They are the days where people are very likely to be busy, especially the F2Ps that you are targetting with these campaigns (Students with little or nothing to pay with). This forces students to either play during these days to incredible amounts of stress… or just not at all. Worse still, these campaigns from my understanding are meant to take advantage of the end-of-year holidays, to give a boost in player numbers by encouraging players to play more during the holidays (letting them invest resources into WoWs and making it their primary dedicated game)… yet this main grind period doesn't take place during the holiday period.

-The 12 day period is just an incredibly short period of time to grind THREE parts, two of which CANNOT BE COMPLETED AT THE SAME TIME, and one of which requires a SINGLE SHIP to be played only. This isn't something I take lightly, because as I said, I do appreciate free stuff and look down on complaining about them, but this incredibly short time limit is simply fu*king atrocious.

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-The 4 million credit tresholds are incredibly stringent and force incredible amounts of pure grinding, not to mention the fact that they disadvantage players who do not have multiple premium ships or enjoy playing specific nations and invest their time in playing for singular nations.


-The Steel Campaign requirement and the Reward for these is the P.E.F, a relatively unknown ship with dubious popularity, and an unprecedented amount of focus on playing the said ship. When, compared to ships like the DoY and Bismarck, make players less convinced to take time to grind the missions for a relatively paltry 2019 steel and on a less popular ship in general.

Looking at these we can compare this to the DoY campaigns, which actually took a shorter time during the same time periods.

The T6 campaign did not require you to play the DoY at the same time, something needed due to the steel missions, making it much more flexible to grind. The DoY's last campaign was much more versatile and somehow less grindy, requiring about the equivalent of 195,000 XP (doing one 75k xp mission twice along with more missions of your choice, plus a 45k xp mission, should you be a F2P), considering the premium accounts + 100/200% XP days given at the time making it a much faster grind, compared to having to grind possibly around 20million credits using a much less flexible system, of which requires the distribution between multiple countries.

The DoY missions were extremely challenging and the need to grind was there – however, it felt as if it was possible, and it felt much less stressful. I understand why WG wants to up the difficulty, but this is just such an incredible jump in difficulty plus a lowering of flexibility that it makes it feel much harder in comparison.

Am I being overpretentious? Is this not as big a deal as I think? Have I not seen enough of the missions to make such a judgement? Possibly. But from what I see, there genuinely exists way too many jumps for an F2P like me to invest my time in, compared to past events where I felt it was possible. It is mainly the 4 million credit tresholds and the need to use the P.E.F that push this limit – with the lowered flexibility and ability to decrease the difficulty of those missions, it simply feels to me much harder and more stressful in such a small period of time.

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