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I know it's probably not the right place, but I just wanted to say something positive about WeeGee and the Heavy Cruiser launch event.

Throughout my gaming "career" I've not actually finished many games, a lot of the reason being playing fairly perpetual games (Gran Turismo, BF1942/2), but I certainly didn't finish my fair share of Final Fantasy and Zelda games. The first games the I consistently beat at launch were the Halo games (hence my affinity for the books, and my /u/)

I preface with this because I don't have a ton of experience with EA's "Sense of Pride and and accomplishment"

I'm a self described RNaboo, my first premium purchase being the Warspite that first black Friday sale, and with the end goal of eventually owning every RN ship in my port, and each RN commander on my payroll, thanks to this I did at least buy the Belfast on release back in the day, so I don't have to prey to RNGeesus each Christmas, but otherwise I play fairly casually and just continue my grind up the various RN lines. I've got only 2 tier 10s, Minotaur and Thunderer, and with 3 hours of daily commute and 2 kids under 6, I only get to play a few hours each weekend morning before the house wakes up.

All this to say, when the event was announced, with a free London at the end of the directives and the possibility of a free Cunningham to boot, I was excited and terrified. I knew that I would love to get both, but after the PR disaster I wasn't sure what was about to happen with the Royal tokens…


But here we are, the directives were not face-rollingly easy, but they were also not extraordinarily difficult, they even helped me learn to play destroyers and drop CV payloads more effectively! I was able to spend the majority of my FreeXP to get to the Albermarle on day 1, squeeze in at least one coop win a night before bed each night of the event, and finish up the directives on my weekend grinds.

And this weekend I was able to finish the last task, soaking up potential damage in my Lion, and secure my London and Cunningham, and I've been on a high for 24 hours and it feels just great!

This isn't supposed a "look at me, I did the thing" post, but more of a thanks to Wargaming. In the midst of a litany of questionable decisions (T:IV skycancer, HE Spam meta (plus fire missions in the directives), Russian paper bias, Puerto Rico fiasco, questionable skill/module changes, etc…), I really think that this particular campaign design was really well balanced. I'm a casual, look at my PR, it's below average on literally everything), but with a little extra effort I came out the other side just beaming to have my new Commander, and I really did get that sense of pride and accomplishment at that final scorecard, and I just wanted to say "Thanks!"

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