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P.E.F. not as bad as Zoup claims

WorldOfWarships5 - P.E.F. not as bad as Zoup claims

Ok guys. PEF is out and well yes she's not the best thing ever. I personally think she's a solid ship and the best tier 6 BB cruiser killer(will explain later). Yes her guns are mediocre at best dealing with other BBs. But Zoup did not lay out the ship's strengths and I'm going to do that. Yes I'll do cons too.



-Best secondaries in tier BAR NONE. You get the same secondary range as Scharnhorst and Gniesneau. And almost as many secondaries.

-Best overall armor profile at tier 6. And almost any ship she sees. Why? Yes 25mm bow and stern. HOWEVER. 50mm deck armor around the superstructure. 152mm upper belt armor. 320mm belt armor. And IIRC 105mm armor slab along the lower bow area. This ship eats 150-203mm HE shells for breakfast lunch and dinner shattering all except on the bow, stern and superstructure. Also really bounces any shells if well angled including 16 inch guns. No you can't bow tank, but properly angled, even tier 8s have a tough time dealing with you.

-guns vs cruisers. Yes gun for gun, these are the best guns I've found by far at tier 6 for curb stomping cruisers. Why? Because of the lower penetration value for the guns, they don't tend to over penetrate like other guns her tier.


-Speed. Yes she's one of the fastest BBs at tier 6. Only BB at her tier that can go faster is Dunkerque.

-Gun angles. This ship has great gun angles far as I'm concerned.

CONS: -The guns. What makes them great against cruisers makes them painful against BBs. Only trick I can say is this. Against any other BB save 4: Amagi, Kii, Dunkerque, Guilo Cesare; treat BBs as Germans and aim at the upper belt.

-Guns part 2. HE alpha, quite anemic. Grantef 87mm of pen with 1/4 pen, but 4000 alpha is a joke.

Read:  A look at AA effectiveness per tier by the stats.

-Guns part 3. 28 second reload. Again a joke.

-Agility. While swift, she's long and turns like a Buick on ice.

Now that I've harped on the guns, only two buffs I think this ship needs.

  1. 25 second reload. 28 is too much.

  2. 4800 alpha damage on the HE. The fire chance is fine considering the bursting charge, but that's still a 600 kg shell. IIRC it was a 38kg bursting charge(hence low fire chance) and say what 50kg for the shell? That leaves still 510 odd kg for explosives itself. That's more than any other 14 inch gun it's tier and quite a few 15s. ALPHA should reflect that.

Do those two things, ship is right as rain.

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