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Penny for your thoughts on 2 USN BB/LC captain skill sets?

WorldOfWarships1 - Penny for your thoughts on 2 USN BB/LC captain skill sets?

So last week I finally got my second 19-point captain, a certain William F. Halsey, and this week we have the free captain skill respec…perfect timing.

My first 19-pointer, Fleet Admiral Matthew Lawford, is also a USN BB main that I intend to juggle between several ships, namely Montana, Alabama, Missouri and Alaska. There is a lot of overlap in those vessels' qualities and flaws and I designed both skill sets to provide alternative gameplays while guaranteeing the essentials. Halsey, OTOH, has been assigned to my Alaska to capitalize on certain boosted skills of his. However, I'm having a little dilemma now.

Fleet Admiral "Battleship main" Lawford (19/19)

1: Priority Target

2: Expert Marksman + Adrenaline Rush

3: Basics of Survivability + Superintendent

4: Fire Prevention + Concealment Expert

Fleet Admiral William F. "Large cruiser main" Halsey (19/19)

1: Priority Target + Preventative Maintenance + Expert Loader(*)

2: Expert Marksman(*)

3: Basics of Survivability + Basic Firing Training

4: Fire Prevention + Concealment Expert

(*) asterisks indicate boosted skills proper to unique captains.


Lawford is pretty much your run-o-the-mill BB captain, and he got this skill set prior to the CV rework. It works very well, especially with Superintendent on my Montana, though I could always use a little more oomph for my AA in case I meet someone who actually knows what he/she is doing. FP and BoS are mandatory to improve my persistence on the battlefield.

OTOH, Halsey poses a conundrum; I nowadays use him on my Alaska and I deem both Expert Loader and Expert Marksman indispensable (even more so in the latter's case, since I use the Main Battery Reload modification that reduces turret traverse speed). Tier 3 is where my issue lies: should I swap BFT for SI in order to have more opportunities to detect enemies in hiding and also heal more…or should I keep BFT to better swat those pesky planes away before they can torp or AP-bomb me? Alaska has a worse AA rating than Montana, and I can't exactly ditch BoS to afford SI, given the long fires the large cruisers suffer from, by design. Preventative Maintenance, by the way, was chosen for the nineteenth, unused skill point and also to help a bit when my turrets risk being incapacitated by high-caliber BB shellfire.

Any thoughts on this? Should I switch stuff around or keep everything as-is and grit my teeth in-game?

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