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WorldOfWarships7 - Please make doubloons useful again

I started playing this game when it first formally came out of beta – so about 3 years ago. I took a long break, and came back recently. One of the biggest changes – and there have been many – is how doubloons is now mostly useless.

What can you buy with doubloons? Well, this is the list – slots, captain respec/retraining, some premium ships that rotate very slowly through the tech tree, demounts, premium signals and camos, permacamos, and XP/credit conversion (please note if I forgot anything).

It's universally agreed that XP/credit conversion is generally a really bad deal and you should only do it for some really good reason – like topping up your FXP to get Musashi, for example. Things like demounts are nice, but it's 25 a pop, chump change, really. Likewise for respec/retraining/slots – useful, and stuff people would spend doubloons on, especially at higher levels, but ultimately it's a small amount of doubloons we're dealing with here. Doubloon to premium time conversion is also not a great value – you get a better deal buying premium time directly from the shop. It's a way to spend your doubloons, but if you're already at one year premium, for example, you really don't need more.

The only remaining big ticket items you can spend doubloons on are two things – permacamos and ships. Permacamos you only really need to buy once every ship, and even then, only T9/10 ones are really worth it, mostly T10s. That leaves premium ships – when I started, if I remember correctly, you could buy every ship under the sun with doubloons. However, that is no longer the case. Newer ships are never available for doubloons, nor are the cool cosmetics like special camos, commanders, etc – those are all cash only. I see they added doubloon cost for some special commanders this patch, which is nice, but it's still a pretty limited number.

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Meanwhile, doubloon income is actually quite high for people who whale – you can end up with a lot of doubloons even when you're not trying to buy them directly. These bundles WG puts together almost always have some doubloons in them, inflating their price. Containers like santa crates have doubloons, or they drop doubloons if you get a duplicate ship. WG offers doubloon as compensation for stuff – but that's only useful if the doubloons can be used to buy more things. Right now, doubloons is probably one of the least useful real money currencies I've seen in a F2P game in terms of how limited it is in accessing content in the game.

I know, doubloon is money WG already made. People buying stuff with doubloons means WG can't book new income, but it's also annoying as heck to someone (and I know I'm not alone) who sits on a pile of doubloons who doesn't have a place to spend them. Like this steel campaign, or PEF for that matter – why can't I buy them with doubloons? If I have doubloons, chances are I paid money for it at some point, directly or otherwise. WG limiting my ability to spend that doubloon is, frankly, quite anti-consumer. Every ship in this game has a doubloon value. Make it so that I can actually spend that doubloon on the ship. Every time there's a special camo that goes up on the store, make it so that I can spend doubloon to buy it in the game (looking at you, Azur Lane or Kobayashi camo). I paid for my doubloons. Now let me spend the money. Or do you mean to tell me that doubloon is a bait and switch?

At the end of the day, WG doesn't let us spend it on things that we might actually want – like new ships or new stuff in the shop. Meanwhile, it keeps adding doubloons to things that we buy anyway in bundles or through container drops. Is it really a surprise there's a big backlog of doubloons out there waiting to be spent? I'm done spending money here if I can't use my doubloons first to buy stuff. It's not hard. There's already a price for everything in the store, just make a conversion rate and make it buyable with doubloons.

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