World of Warships

please WG stop shafting your loyal customers

WorldOfWarships2 - please WG stop shafting your loyal customers

so i woke up early this morning to buy the pumpkins, saw that the package for 40 pumpkins was the best offer for me so i bought that package, played a little bit and then friend told me Alexander Halloween version was now available on the store but locked in a bundle with pumpkins

A post was made yesterday announcing all bundles yet this one wasn't showned either


here is my big issue, why the heck was this bundle not available when i bought my 40 pack? i made a choice assuming it was the best one when there was a better bundle suited for me that came available only an hour or so after

i have spent thousands on this game without exaggeration to support this game yet it seems like because i am a loyal customer i always get shafted over by stupid crap like these

i already bought 40 damn pumpkins i don't need anymore so could you please make the commander available separately?


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