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Possible Italian Battleship gimmicks.

WorldOfWarships2 - Possible Italian Battleship gimmicks.

This is strictly a concept discussion for the Italian battleship, whoever we see them. I will not be discussing what ships we may be see, but rather what gimmicks they will come with. For the use of this post, I mostly referenced my copy of Regia Marina – Italian Battleships of WWII by Erminio Bagnasco and Mark Grossman. Also keep in mind that for discussions sake I will try to leave exact numbers ambiguous and rather compare characteristics to the other BB lines. I will break this rule when I discuss SAP.

Survivability and concealment: RM BBs would sit at third place for survivability, below Russian and German Battleships. They would still be plated in 50mm deck armor, making them strong against HE spam, but not resistant. They won't get an icebreaker like the Germans and Russians, making them susceptible to overmatch by 460+. For citadel, it would be similar to Roma's profile, where the citadel is exposed, however not as much as the Russian citadel. For concealment, they would come in second place, being stealthy for their size, but not as stealthy as RN BBs. They would have a relatively average torpedo belt, however they would get access to the pre-nerf torpedo defense system modification one, which would force them to give up concealment system modification one.

AA: They would have relatively good AA capabilities, similar to Roma for it's tier. They would not get Defensive AA.

Maneuverability: For battleships, they would be fairly fast, but have a large turning circle radius comparable to the Germans.


Armament: All ships of the tree will have access to SAP and AP, and with it, they will have the highest main battery shell velocities in the game. This incredible shell velocity will come with the draw backs of a mediocre range and accuracy, as well as a slow reload. The SAP will have the following characteristics: for balancing reasons, the SAP will over penetrate most destroyers and superstructure. It will however, follow a unique penetration rule: it will penetrate armor 1/2 the size of it's gun caliber. This means that 381mm guns will penetrate 195mm of armor. As well as this, the shells will start ricochet check at 55 degrees. This is offset by the fact that SAP will do marginally less damage than AP. The AP on the other hand will have the following characteristics: a very high degree of penetration and damage, even at great range, which will have no issues reaching citadel of broadside battleships. However, due to the very high velocity, the AP will almost always overpen broadside cruisers. Finally, this incredible damage output will be balanced by having relatively small caliber guns for their tier (381 at T8, 406 at T10).

Consumable kit: Standard BB Damage Control, Standard BB repair party, spotter or fighter plane. At T5+ exhaust smoke generator.

Closing: I tried to keep this list as accurate to the real national flavors of the Regia Marina as possible, but I took a few liberties for game design. I hope this was at least an interesting read, and I’d be interested to read your comments.

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