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Possible new Operation idea

WorldOfWarships4 - Possible new Operation idea

So I saw a post last week about a possible event where you take on USS Gerald R. Ford. Honestly I thought it was kinda dumb because of the technology difference, making it really not very feasible. What it did do was get me thinking after I watched the

on Project Habakkuk and realized, make that the enemy.

There are currently no Axis only operations, but a few Allies only operations, and what better way to add onto that than having the Germans, Japanese and Italians at tier 8 (maybe 7s and 9s as well) face this theorized (and ultimately too costly to build) super carrier. The operation could start with you closing on the carrier, dealing with a few dds and cruisers that would serve as it's escorts, then target and destroy emplacements on the ship itself, or just outright pumping damage into it.

I'd expect it would have a considerable strike fighter compliment, as well as numerous secondary guns (up to British 152s) should you stray too close. It could be a perfect companion operation to a possible German carrier line, should that be a plan already or not, as I suspect the German carriers would possibly have better/primarily fighters than either other faction currently with a carrier line.

This could also be a good time to bring Graf Zeppelin into the purchasable set of ships as it's also tier 8. Personally I think it's high time we had an Axis only Operation to counterbalance the Allied only operations, and would be an interesting event to play for lots of players, especially to break people into the new carrier line.

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