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Post CV rework issues, and suggestions to improve the game for all.

WorldOfWarships5 - Post CV rework issues, and suggestions to improve the game for all.

There are a lot of players dissatisfied with the game since the CV rework was introduced. There has been an upheaval of the meta, and for many the game meta they really enjoyed was removed and replaced with game play they struggle to enjoy, despite many of them putting plenty of time into relearning the game post-rework.

I personally have had a lot of fun playing CV's and DD's since 0.8.0, but I can certainly see that there are significant problems with the game, and I honestly believe the game shouldn't be in a situation where many people are not enjoying themselves – the health of the game will suffer, and I suspect is already suffering.

So how to change the game to improve it for all? Let's have a look at the positives and negatives of where we are now, and then try and decide on a direction that would bring a more enjoyable meta.

The positives:

  • CV's have been severely limited in their ability to outplay their opposing CV. This has meant they are much less likely to dominate and carry, and is reflected in the win rates of the best CV captains being very similar to the win rates of the captains of other ship classes. Mission accomplished with one of the primary reasons for the CV rework.

  • CV's are much more fun to play for the majority, and much more intuitive and easy to pick up for poor to average players. This is subjective no doubt, but I believe the sheer popularity in numbers of CV players compared to pre-rework bears out my point. Mission accomplished for the other primary reasons for the CV rework.

  • There are less lone BB snipers at the back. BB captains are understandably scared to be alone, so they tend to move up with the team much more now. The ones that do stay back get punished by the CV's.

The negatives:

  • DD's lives are harder. You can still be very successful as a DD, but the poor to average players struggle more and die earlier. This isn't good for the game, and it's slightly ironic that as the CV rework closed the skill gap for CV's, it opened it for DD's. The fact that they buffed radar ranges and durations pretty much at the same time as reworking CV's was a double blow to DD players.

  • The entire flanking play style which many ships were designed to do is countered hard by CV's. This is a huge negative to the game, because it takes a play style that requires skill and awareness to be successful at, and that was very enjoyable for many people, and nullifies it. This creates the more static game play that many are complaining about. I honestly believe for a ship designed to do so, it should be viable to work around the flanks solo well away from friendly AA. The game needs this play style to return.


So, given these points, how do we retain the positives while mitigating the negatives? Note that CV's are here to stay, so just saying "remove CV's", "go back to RTS CV's", or "give CV's their own queue", are pointless arguments that quite simply aren't going to happen. Try to work with what we have. I'd love to hear people's suggestions, but here are mine to start us off.

I think we need to make DD's lives easier. The target should be at mid-high tiers to have on average three DD's per team (anywhere in the 2-4 per team should be common), and they should be able to do their job of capping, spotting, and working the flanks looking for weaknesses. We also need to make flanking cruisers more viable as well – all ships should still be able to do their job in a post-rework game.

The specific changes I would make are these:

  • I would remove the Smoke Screen Expert two point commander skill. I would replace it with a skill called "Flanking Expert" which only works on cruisers and destroyers, and reduces air spotting range by 20%, reduces max AA range to air spotting range for cruisers only, and increases both continuous and burst AA by 10% while more than 7km away from a friendly ship. This will make flanking ships harder to target for CV's and enable their job to be more viable again.

  • I would add an effect to Basic Firing Training – "guns of 139mm or less have 20% reduced gun bloom duration". This makes a gunboat DD's life a bit easier.

  • Nerf all radar ranges. 11km for Russian ships, 9km for US and UK ships, this is across the board. Radar ships also tend to be very strong AA ships, and they are extremely popular and have too much going for them in the current meta. A mild nerf to them and a decent buff to DD's by these range changes is exactly what is needed to promote DD game play.

I think these targeted changes would push the game back towards it's previous meta, while still retaining the positives of the CV rework changes.

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