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Potential Split lines

WorldOfWarships5 - Potential Split lines

like most others i wasn't exactly thrilled about the idea of another Russian split, so i thought what more interesting and more historically based lines could be added to the game. the 2-3 lines i would be most interested in would be:

German Heavy destroyer line

Germany doesn't currently have a split line at all, on top of this the line we got in game while more historical sadly also excluded the 150 mm guns from the higher tiers, this split seek to remedy this.

a good tier 9 would be the 1937J, a project with 5×150 mm guns and what seems to be a 105 mm secondary. the torpedo armament is a bit weird though, 2×2 and 1×4 launchers, i would assume the x2 launchers are split to 1 either side similar to a Mahan.

for tier 10 its gonna be a little harder since i cant find any with the specification i want, but here is an initial idea: 6 guns, 2×2 and 2×1, with the single mounts super firing the the dual mounts, imagine something similar to
German destroyer Z39 underway off Boston on 12 September 1945 - Potential Split lines

Z-39 but with a gun instead of the front AA and a double gun at the rear instead of the single. the torpedoes etc. would be largely the same as the current destroyers and the reload of the guns would be somewhere around 4.5-5.5 seconds.

Japanese Light cruiser line

for japan we have 2 different options for a split line of CLs.

Option 1: the 100 mm version


similar to akizukis but with more guns and a citadel. this revised plan by tzoli from years back will be our potential tier 10, however i would still do some changes: first of all it oddly enough has a little too much gunpower, it will have to lose 1 or 2 turrets per side. 2nd of all it doesn't have any torps, a real version of the ship would have had torps added since japan was fond of adding torps to pretty much everything. and 3rd this looks very unarmored and i would actually like this ship to not explode so easily from the side as compensation for no radar and pretty bad range of the guns. this gives us characteristics of:

8×2 100 mm guns, similar to japanese DDs but with 13.5km base range.

4×3(?) torpedo tubes, 2 per side, uses similar torps to Zao.

concealment at max spec around 9 km.

armor, unknown but likely heavy (possibly 100+ mm) side plating and a front of 27 mm. keep in mind this is my suggesting to keep it usable and unique, IRL version likely would have much weaker armor.

Option 2: the 155 mm version

slightly more historical in the sense some of the ships of the line would be real ships and japan did have CLs with 155 mm main guns.

tier 7: 155 mm version of aoba, give it more torps and a little more HP and it will do fine in tier 7, better than myoko with these guns anyways.

tier 8: IJN Kumano, a mogami class, enough said.

tier 9: IJN Iwate, an ibuki with 155 guns instead.

tier 10:

my suggestion would be an up-armored Ibuki but with triple forward firing guns (similar to Venezia), the torps would have their angles improved and have 12 km range, the HP would be around 50k, otherwise a pretty straight forward ship.

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