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Power List for Ranked Season 12 (Tier 10)

WorldOfWarships4 - Power List for Ranked Season 12 (Tier 10)

Power List for Ranked Season 12 (Tier 10)

First – the tier list this time is affected by skill floor and skill ceiling – with the exception of the "F" rating. So if you see your favorite ship in the "C" or "F" categories – keep in mind that it may have both a high skill floor and skill ceiling, plus suffer from overall effectiveness issues in the meta – considering 90% of the playerbase.

Ratings Explanation:

S – Spudcrusher – Relatively easy to use, overpowered characteristics in the hands of a master – highly recommended

A – Awesome – Strong in the meta with a few weaknesses or limitations – recommended

B – Banzai – Workable and useful in the meta – with exploitable weaknesses – approved if you're good at them

C – Crazy Captains Only – Ships that area not practical in the meta – but not useless either / high skill floor – not recommended

F – Failboat – Not practical or useful – for a wild challenge only / for unicums only – definitely not recommended

List of choices by class:

CV Hakuryu, Midway

BB Bourgogne, Conqueror, Groser Kurfurst, Kreml, Montana, Republique, Yamato

CA/CL: Des Moines, Henri IV, Hindenburg, Minotaur, Moskva, Salem, Stalingrad, Worcester, Zao

DD: Daring, Gearing, Grozovoi, Harugumo, Khabarovsk, Shimakaze, Yueyang, Z-52

Ranked Season 10 Tier List


A: Grozovoi, Midway

A-: Hakuryu, Conqueror, Henri IV, Worcester, Daring

B+: Bourgogne, Montana, Yamato, Des Moines (Spotter Plane = C), Minotaur (Radar = C)

B: Kreml, Republique, Stalingrad, Gearing

B-: Audacious, Moskva, Salem, Shimakaze

C+: Harugumo

C: Hindenburg, Yueyang (Radar = F)

C-: Groser Kurfurst, Zao, Z-52

F: Khabarovsk

?: Yoshino

Overview: Destroyers will be very difficult to play this season. But surprisingly cruisers have an even higher skill floor. Losing your AA or positioning recklessly in a cruiser can endanger your team. "BB babies" rejoice – battleships are not limited like they are in Clan Battles – in my opinion a questionable decision by wargaming. Carriers are the go-to ship for carrying because of the low count of players in each game – but it will be easy to be out-farmed if you are not as skilled as the enemy carrier.

As usual German ships continue to suffer. Anyone can pick them up and do some damage. But they do not possess the correct tools to counter ships like carriers and AA cruisers. If you feel nostalgic for Hindenburg – make sure that you are well practiced as it will be a challenge.

Finally note that I did not go into detail regarding legendary modules this time. I considered the ratings above with regards to legendary modules. It gets too complicated to go into such nuances (especially when the legendary modules greatly change the ship – consider Henri and Des Moines).

Ship-Specific Commentary

A (S compared to non-CVs): Midway: A good midway player has an extremely versatile box of tools at his or her disposal including two choices of rockets that can be picked before the match – HVARs for quick DD kills (if there are DDs in queue), Tiny Tims for decent nuking power, still-strong HE bombs (the rules of their demise has been greatly exaggerated), and torpedoes that are more of a psychological warfare tool than anything. By getting an early kill on the team's weakest link – you can quickly decide the game and carry. Now this ship has a very high skill ceiling – so it may be hard to challenge a Midway of higher skill. Why not S? Midway may not be as good as Hakuryu in games with no DDs – and may not hurt the battleships as fast – especially ships like Kreml and Conqueror. So it is not overpowered compared to the other carriers especially. Consider the CVs themselves to be broken by my estimation, however. Having above-average skill in the Midway is a quick path to Rank 5 – this has been proven within a day of Ranked going live. But the same can be said about Hakuryu.

A: Grozovoi: A correctly fit Grozovoi is a pain for a carrier to drop. Now granted it needs to be patient and not venture too far away from its cruiser friends. But once your team has an advantage – the Grozovoi can secure caps and irritate carriers. Grozovoi can win gunfights, heal, has short range torpedoes (not really an issue because you'll be spotted anyway – more of a last-ditch weapon), and can also deal good damage-over-time.

A-: Hakuryu: Not a bad CV – in fact – it may be better for higher ranks with its good set of anti-cruiser planes. Hakuryu excels when the players are better overall – its dive bombers can nuke anchoring cruisers, its torpedoes can force movement and hurt battleships or even DDs, and its rockets do deal decent damage against most DDs. But Hakuryu has a higher skill floor than Midway – picking when to use its tools can be challenging. For this reason I ranked it slightly lower. As commented on – Hakuryu's damage is harder to repair, though.

A-: Conqueror: Conqueror?! Why? Its heavy HE shells shatter enemies AA! Conqueror has great survivability and surface concealment as well. Like Henri it is a great ship for breaking a stalemate between two pussy-footing deathblobs. A skilled Conqueror can also win against nearly any battleship – aside from an early game Kreml or skilled French BB. But those are few and far between.

A-: Henri IV: This power-creeped French monster is perfect for games where there is a stalemate. Its heavy HE shells shatter anchored ships AA while dealing chunks of damage over time with IFHE and fires. Its last-ditch torpedoes can be great for rushes against Battleships. Its weakness – its own team. If your team doesn't spot for you then you may have some trouble. Its mobility makes it extremely frustrating for carriers and battleships to deal with – unless its captain is clueless and doesn't angle or use speed boost.

A-: Worcester: Worcester will command the islands and provide extremely valuable AA coverage to its team. It is not S or A because of its relatively high skill floor. But plenty seem to be adapting to it in Randoms. Even unskilled players can just hang around by their team in cover and spam away. Also – Worcester who is nice to DDs on comms can be a valuable buddy to them as teams poke around at caps. Deleting Worcesters is likely to be high on any team's battleship's priority list. But what if you can't hit it behind that island?

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A-: Daring: Daring's main tools – fast reloading smoke, long hydro, agility, small size, single spread torp launcher, excellent knife-fighting power. The Daring seems a little too powerful compared to the better-balanced Harugumo. It will be a waste of time trying to catch it. But coordinated teams will quickly radar it for a DD. With less staying power – the Daring needs to be cautious and ever aware of radars. You may find yourself herding your team to where you want to go – which will be frustrating. Daring also can deal good damage-over-time – but less reliably than Grozovoi unless it makes tradeoffs for IFHE. Daring has a very high skill ceiling and amazing potential.


B+: Bourgogne: An excellent jack-of-all-trades BB that can handle nearly any threat – the Bourgogne still has some noticeable weaknesses. Its AP pen is weak against angled ships. Its spread is less than desirable. But choosing the right ammo type against the right target at the right time can help it to carry games. Using AP on spotted Minotaurs and Worcesters with the radar at the right time will be huge. Just don't go too rambo in this stealthy croissant.

B+: Montana: Why not higher? Montana's excellent AA and beefy guns are great – but not the best. Montana is heavily countered by Conqueror and Henri. Heavy HE shells that shatter its AA make it a juicy target for a skilled CV player. But Montana's that stick near friends can carry games – it may be hard to find angles when you play passively, though.

B+: Yamato: Yamato has been dethroned from the top tier for a very important reason – its concealment against carriers. Not only is it easy to strike a passive Yamato – but it is also easy to spot one. Even though it overmatches anything – hitting ships like Henri or Stalingrad at the right time can be challenging. Also Yamato's torpedo defense advantage is less useful when DDs will rarely torpedo it from the side. But if you are a good shot – then this is still a go-to boat.


B+: Des Moines: Three words – long duration radar. Des Moines parked in the right spot can radar a cap – preventing DDs from taking it and opening them up to CVs. It can also handle itself in a close-quarters fight quite nicely. As always Des Moines will be a great tool for patient players to carry with. Just watch out for dive bombers. Legendary Module is a great option here.

B+: Minotaur: Lots of cocky Minotaur players will be deleted this season. Watch out for Soviet ships – both Kreml's guns and Russian CA radars are a Minotaur's worst nightmare. Still Minotaur has a high skill floor and even higher ceiling- well positioned captains can block out entire areas with AA. Its torps can stop foolish BB rushes. Finally its "dakka-dakka" can wipe out DDs and rip up superstructures.

B: Kreml: Kreml is not the best battleship – but it is a pain in the ass. It will be quite useful at earlier ranks, because the games will be decided earlier when its damage control characteristics are quite useful. Kreml's main threat in randoms – clever DDs – are not as much of an issue with the carriers all over the place. Hang near hydro ships and snipe away from mid range. Kreml pushes will be very frustrating for passive teams. At higher ranks – I would rather have a Yamato or Montana.

B: Republique: This niche flanker is great against cruisers – but it has a rather high skill floor. Its legendary module, speed, and the Honore captain can give it some longevity that is useful at higher ranks. In earlier ranks – it will be hard to find that right spot when your team is more passive. In later ranks – it will be easier to organize a flank attack in a cluster.

B: Stalingrad: This ship is an excellent flanker and sniper early game. Its radar can be useful when there are less of them in the queue on your team. Stalingrad burns easily though – so it will have to be cautious in the early game. Slightly passive positioning is key. Late game it is a powerful opportunistic attacker who can give a friendly battleship an edge in firepower – or even kill broadside BBs. Stalingrad is quite weak to HE bombers, though – so careful. An early game long radar though can a help a CV to annihilate an enemy DD in smoke – quite helpful at higher ranks. Just don't park in a vulnerable position – or you are dead.

B: Gearing: The key to success with a Gearing is the build. You want to smoke up your cruisers – making them a pain for CVs to drop for several minutes. You can cap – but only when the coast is clear. Your AA is… alright – but you'll mostly want it off. Gearing now loses knifefights due to power-creep (Daring, Groz, and even Shima are scary now!). So stick with your team and stay alive. Late game your torps are more useful. Gearing may work better in higher ranks where cruisers are willing to team up with you.

B-: Audacious: Audacious is a great carrier for getting through the earlier ranks with due to its power against DDs. But it doesn't have the dive-bombing nuker power or versatility of Midway or Hakuryu. Basically it has a higher skill floor than the others and is less reliable overall (please note that I have spoken to multiple unicum CV mains about this ship, because I do not own it on any account.).

B-: Moskva: Moskva's higher rate of fire may be useful to help finish off DDs or cruisers mid-game. Its radar can help any team. It is a good ship but fragile. Hakuryu is very scary to a Moskva who has lost a lot of AA to HE spam (and who can slingshot dive bombers into it). Moskva will have trouble carrying late game in situations with even ship counts. Still – an early long radar can be key.

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B-: Salem: Some of the positions that Des Moines can take are also manageable by Salem despite its reduced radar range. What really makes Salem excellent is its heal. Veterans who know what they are doing can be an extremely frustrating ship to budge – and great bait. One of the worst things to do this season is yolo push – which Salem can make the enemy do.

B-: Shimakaze: 20km Shima may be fun in lower ranks when teams will bunch up and forget to turn on hydro. Maybe you can even snipe CVs with it. But the 12km Shima is really where it is at. Denying entryways can still work. Japanese smoke isn't terrible – but really gives Shima its weakness – inbetween smoke it needs to hang back a bit or it will be deleted by the carriers. Late game Shima's concealment advantage and speed combined with RPF can give it good capping power. Its HE guns are also useful when being pursued and supported by a carrier.


C+: Harugumo: This beast begs the question – why not just use a light cruiser? Harugumo can work if you can get the CV and radar cruisers to work with you. Despite its decent AA, Haru will be destroyed by larger ships alone. Knife fighting between destroyers is a thing of the past – and Haru depended on radar spotting anyway. Late game at least when radar ships are dead – Haru can nuke battleships with its torps, shoot down planes with AA, and knife fight the destroyers that somehow survived. But Haru would have a hell of a time with Minotaur, Worcester, or Henri in such a situation.

C: Hindenburg: Basically replaced by Henri, poor Hindenburg still has potent guns with an excellent rate of fire and good range with a spotter plane. But the flanking pushes of the past will not happen as often. You simply cannot sneak up with birds flying overhead. The legendary module could make Hindenburg a great troll ship. Taking up that cruiser slot with this ship is probably not the best decision when both radar and IFHE Henri are more versatile.

C: Yueyang: Radar Yueyang? No. Consider that to possibly be the worst ship to play this season. Smoke Yueyang is a pretty good poor-man's Daring. It just lacks the same torpedoes as Daring (which is why that ship basically replaced it in randoms). The deep water torpedoes are okay – but will surprise few with so much hydro on utility cruisers and flanks blocked off by planes. Yueyang also has decent AA. But I'd just rather have Daring for every other reason.

C-: Groser Kurfurst: Inaccurate. Target practice for carriers (especially Hakuryu). Easy to burn. Easy to pen. Poor concealment. Heavy hitting guns. Great secondaries. Somewhat maneuverable. Useful hydro. We all know the drill with Kurfurst. Good luck.

C-: Zao: Poor Zao. Low HP. Mediocre AA. Concealment that no longer matters. Still has troll armor and excellent guns. Your best chance is to hang out using weird angles to block line of fire near the pack. A flanking beast in seasons past when 12km was still a useful range for torps can no longer sneak up on anyone with half of a brain. Best of luck Zao – you are like "the last samurai."

C-: Z-52: This destroyer has great hydro, poor smoke, and short range torps. It has been power creeped in close-range combat. But it at least has decent AA. This saving grace keeps it from being in the "F" rating. Still it isn't useless… at least in lower ranks. I wish that this destroyer had a heal, though. Z-52 will shine most in those rare double-DD games. Being able to pair up with a Daring, Grozovoi, or Gearing would be nice as Z-52 can smoke in the gaps between the other DD's smokes.


F Maniac Rating: Khabarovsk: In lower ranks – you may see madmen with these trolling the unskilled. In higher ranks – carriers, focus fire, and its poor concealment damn it. The power of Khaba in randoms is its ability to frustrate the enemy who needs to focus on other ships from flanks. If you want to show off – record yourself ranking out with this old warhorse…. somehow.

Good luck. Stay sane and take breaks when you need to! (Edits may come in the next 24 hours)

Note – sorry guys but I accidentally left the Season 10 in the title last time. So reposted. Edits – Yueyang moved down.

Note 2 – The big question mark is Midway in A and not S. The reason being that Hakuryu and Midway do not really counter each other – so within the group of CVs Midway is extremely strong at lower tiers but perhaps not as effective as Hakuryu in the right hands against most higher-ranked teams.

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