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Preliminary look at Santa’s crates statistics collected by our Forumite “Black_Falcon120” ( /u/tfrw)…

WorldOfWarships5 - Preliminary look at Santa's crates statistics collected by our Forumite "Black_Falcon120" ( /u/tfrw)...

Hi all,

Preliminary look at Santa's crates statistics collected by our Forumite "Black_Falcon120" (
tfrw - Preliminary look at Santa's crates statistics collected by our Forumite "Black_Falcon120" ( /u/tfrw)...




viewform?fbzx= 5518425715936298908 - Preliminary look at Santa's crates statistics collected by our Forumite "Black_Falcon120" ( /u/tfrw)...

It looks like that "Premium" ship drop rate is, roughly, like this for 2020/2021 season:

Santa Gift Container = 5%

Santa Big Gift Container = 10%

Santa Mega Gift Container = 15%

and it correlates nicely to 2019/2020 season (with apparent increase for smallest and middle crate chances but that could be due to sample size for last year as well – we have much bigger sample size this time around).

And here is the ship data (lots of stuff – hope there are no errors):

Tier IIIBattleshipDreadnought1
Tier IVBattleshipImperator Nikolai I5
Tier VBattleshipGiulio Cesare4
Tier VBattleshipOktyabrskaya Revolutsiya8
Tier VBattleshipTexas10
Tier VBattleshipViribus Unitis20
Tier VCruiserExeter10
Tier VCruiserGenova4
Tier VCruiserKirov5
Tier VCruiserKrasny Krym16
Tier VCruiserMarblehead20
Tier VCruiserMarblehead Lima14
Tier VCruiserMikoyan9
Tier VCruiserMurmansk9
Tier VCruiserYahagi10
Tier VDestroyerAcasta1
Tier VDestroyerFujin5
Tier VDestroyerGremyashchy3
Tier VDestroyerHill15
Tier VDestroyerKamikaze3
Tier VDestroyerOkhotnik11
Tier VDestroyerSiroco13
Tier VIAircraft CarrierArk Royal18
Tier VIAircraft CarrierErich Loewenhardt23
Tier VIBattleshipArizona9
Tier VIBattleshipDunkerque12
Tier VIBattleshipMutsu13
Tier VIBattleshipPrinz Eitel Friedrich9
Tier VIBattleshipW. Virginia 19416
Tier VIBattleshipWarspite6
Tier VICruiserAdmiral Graf Spee3
Tier VICruiserAdmiral Makarov102
Tier VICruiserDe Grasse7
Tier VICruiserDuca d'Aosta112
Tier VICruiserHunghe5
Tier VICruiserLondon19
Tier VICruiserMolotov13
Tier VICruiserPerth10
Tier VIDestroyerAigle5
Tier VIDestroyerAnshan5
Tier VIDestroyerGallant7
Tier VIDestroyerMonaghan9
Tier VIDestroyerT-6114
Tier VIIBattleshipAshitaka7
Tier VIIBattleshipCalifornia62
Tier VIIBattleshipDuke of York9
Tier VIIBattleshipHood10
Tier VIIBattleshipNelson9
Tier VIIBattleshipPoltava17
Tier VIIBattleshipScharnhorst3
Tier VIICruiserAtlanta1
Tier VIICruiserBelfast3
Tier VIICruiserBoise9
Tier VIICruiserDuca degli Abruzzi6
Tier VIICruiserFlint11
Tier VIICruiserGenova9
Tier VIICruiserIndianapolis8
Tier VIICruiserLazo9
Tier VIICruiserMikhail Kutuzov2
Tier VIICruiserNueve de Julio4
Tier VIIDestroyerBlyskawica4
Tier VIIDestroyerHaida4
Tier VIIDestroyerLeningrad3
Tier VIIDestroyerSims2
Tier VIIDestroyerYudachi105
Tier VIIDestroyerZ-392
Tier VIIIAircraft CarrierEnterprise1
Tier VIIIAircraft CarrierGraf Zeppelin5
Tier VIIIAircraft CarrierIndomitable15
Tier VIIIAircraft CarrierKaga1
Tier VIIIAircraft CarrierSaipan3
Tier VIIIBattleshipAlabama7
Tier VIIIBattleshipChampagne13
Tier VIIIBattleshipGascogne3
Tier VIIIBattleshipKii5
Tier VIIIBattleshipLenin4
Tier VIIIBattleshipMassachusetts1
Tier VIIIBattleshipRoma3
Tier VIIIBattleshipTirpitz2
Tier VIIIBattleshipVanguard76
Tier VIIICruiserAtago6
Tier VIIICruiserBayard8
Tier VIIICruiserCheshire16
Tier VIIICruiserIrian4
Tier VIIICruiserMainz9
Tier VIIICruiserOchakov84
Tier VIIICruiserPrinz Eugen4
Tier VIIICruiserPyotr Bagration8
Tier VIIICruiserWichita3
Tier VIIIDestroyerAsashio4
Tier VIIIDestroyerCossack4
Tier VIIIDestroyerKidd1
Tier VIIIDestroyerLe Terrible2
Tier VIIIDestroyerLoyang1
Tier VIIIDestroyerOrkan43
Tier VIIIDestroyerSiliwangi10
Tier VIIIDestroyerZ-3516
Tier IXBattleshipGeorgia2
Tier IXBattleshipJean Bart2
Tier IXBattleshipMissouri4
Tier IXBattleshipMusashi2
Tier IXBattleshipPommern3
Tier IXCruiserAgir6
Tier IXCruiserAlaska2
Tier IXCruiserAzuma2
Tier IXCruiserKronshtadt1
Tier IXDestroyerBenham2
Tier IXDestroyerFriesland1
Tier IXDestroyerNeustrashimy13

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