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Premium Proposal: MN Châteaurenault as a French Tier IX FXP Destroyer.

WorldOfWarships4 - Premium Proposal: MN Châteaurenault as a French Tier IX FXP Destroyer.

Chateaurenault10 - Premium Proposal: MN Châteaurenault as a French Tier IX FXP Destroyer.
The MN Châteaurenault

Entered Service: 1948

Originally built by Italy as the Capitani Romani-class “light cruiser” *Attilio Regolo.* After World War Two, the the ship was ceded to France as war reparations, where she would be refitted with a lighter but faster firing main battery, powerful AA defenses, and a unique all-forward facing torpedo armament, while keeping the high top speed of the original ship.


HP: 27500

With SE, Châteaurenault’s HP is boosted to exactly 31,000, breaking the 30,000 HP threshold, which makes her one of the beefiest destroyers in the game. Being a French destroyer, she would also receive the saturation gimmick that all French destroyers have.


  • Speed: 41 knots.
  • Rudder shift: 5.4 s.
  • Turning Circle: 720 m.

While 41 knots is quite good for a destroyer, it cannot compete with the Paolo Emilio or the Mogador in terms of speed, with both of those ships being at least 2 knots faster. Also, being an almost quasi-cruiser really doesn’t do the Châteaurenault’s maneuverability any favours.


Detectability by Sea: 9.22 km.

Detectability by Air: 3.4 km

  • Not Great

Main Armament:

3 x 2 10.5 cm/65 (4.1") SK C/33

  • Rate of Fire: 18 shots/min.
  • Reload: 3.4 seconds.
  • 180 Degree Turn Time: 6 seconds.
  • Base Firing Range: 11.2 km.
  • Maximum HE Shell Damage: 1200
  • Fire Chance: 5%
  • HE Shell Penetration: 26mm. (¼ pen)
  • Maximum AP Shell Damage: 2200
  • Shell Velocity: 900 m/s.

Being German-made, Châteaurenault’s guns would have the ¼ pen gimmick applied to them. (Meaning they can pen 32mm with IFHE) They also have a good rate of fire. Unfortunately, the HE DPM would be low, at 126,000 HE DPM, owing to the low shell damage. The ballistics would be good at short range, but the low caliber and light shells means it would lose a significant amount of speed at long range, a problem that her tech-tree counterparts don’t have. Her fire chance is also pitifully low. Thankfully, Châteaurenault will have a few tricks up her sleeve to make up for this lack of firepower.

Torpedo Armament:

4 x 3 550 mm tube lance-torpilles

  • Range: 8.01 km.
  • Speed: 75 knots.
  • Maximum Damage: 18,400
  • Reload: 96 seconds.

Now here is one of Châteaurenault’s main gimmicks: her torpedoes. She had all 12 torpedo tubes mounted near the bow instead of center-line like all other destroyers. What this means is the ability to launch all 12 of your torpedoes with your bow pointed almost straight towards your enemy. The rearward firing arcs wouldn’t be too bad either.



3 x 2 10.5 cm/65 (4.1") SK C/33

5 x 2 57 mm/60 (2.25") Model 1951

  • Base DPS: 67/282
  • Range: 5.2/3.8
  • Hit Probability: 100%
  • Number of Shell Explosions in a Salvo: 4
  • Damage by Shell Explosions: 1470

By far, one of the most powerful AA suites mounted on a French destroyer in-game, matching Friesland in terms of mid-range DPS. It still won’t prevent a strike, unfortunately, but the high DPS numbers and the inclusion of DFAA would still make carriers think twice before trying to strike Châteaurenault.


Being a French Destroyer, she would obviously have access to 4 charges of the Main Battery Reload Booster consumable, significantly boosting her DPM for a short time. She would also get access to the French 20% speed boost, which in conjunction with a speed flag, would boost her speed exactly 50 knots. She should also be given access to DFAA, to complement her already strong AA suite.

But considering that she is based on an Italian-built hull, why not give her the use of the Crawling Smoke Generator? The upcoming KM destroyer ZF-2 demonstrates that WG is willing to give the French reload booster gimmick to other nations if the hull being used is from the French, so why not use the same concept for an Italian built hull? This, along with her incredible torpedo firing angles, would give the Châteaurenault incredible yolo potential, effectively turning her into a French Paolo Emilio. If all of these consumables together turn out to be too much, there is the option of putting MBRB and Crawling Smoke Generator in the same slot, which I believe would be an interesting decision the player would have to make, but I suspect it won’t be a problem, considering the 105’s literally have worse shell flight times than the fucking USN DDs, which is saying something.


Captain skills wise, I would actually be tempted to build for torpedoes considering how bad the gun firepower is (consider that the 105mm guns were never really meant for use against surface targets.), but if you do build for guns, the DPM with MBRB active and at a reasonably close range would still shred most destroyers.

As for currency, I think a cost of 1 million Free XP is a good cost for this ship, considering the French as of now don’t have a Free XP ship yet.

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