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Premium Propsal: HSwMS Göta Lejon as a Tier 7 Pan-European Light Cruiser

WorldOfWarships6 - Premium Propsal: HSwMS Göta Lejon as a Tier 7 Pan-European Light Cruiser

I've seen a few proposals for the Tre Kronor class cruisers as a T6 CL, and while I agree that Tre Kronor herself can fit at T6 in the Pan-European CL tech tree with a few nerfs to things like the ROF, I think that her sister, Göta Lejon can work quite well as a T7 CL in her modernized form. So here is my proposal:

Tier 7 Pan-European Light Cruiser
Cruiser HMS G%C3%B6ta Lejon - Premium Propsal: HSwMS Göta Lejon as a Tier 7 Pan-European Light Cruiser
Göta Lejon


At full load, Göta Lejon displaces around 9348 tons, putting her total HP at around 27300. This would be pretty good… if it were at tier 5, but at tier 7 it would have one of the lowest health pools among the CLs. However, it does make up for its health deficiency somewhat with 30mm deck armor, which will allow it to bounce 406's at certain distances. The citadel also sits quite low in the waterline, meaning BB AP may overpen the ship instead of detonating in the citadel. Otherwise, it would have standard CL armor at tier 7: 16mm nose, 20mm side plating, and a 70mm belt.


Producing around 100,000 SHP, the Tre Kronor class cruisers could sail at around 33 knots, slightly faster than the RN and USN CLs, but slower than the Shchors. The rudder shift time would likely be very fast at around 8 seconds, and the turning circle would be around 700m. All this combined means that this cruiser would be one of the more maneuverable at her tier.


Having a short and compact superstructure, the concealment on Göta Lejon would be pretty good. Though I don't know what exactly goes into calculating concealment for ships, I would imagine it to be around 11-11.5 km, which could be cut down to around 10 km with CE.

Main Armament

2×2 15.2 cm/53 (6") Model 1942

1×3 15.2 cm/53 (6") Model 1942

ROF: 15 shots/min

Reload time: 4 seconds

Rotation Speed: 8.2 deg./sec

180 Degree Turn Time: 21.9 seconds.

Firing Range: 15.2 km (give or take)

HE Shell Damage: 2200

Fire chance: 11%

HE Shell Penetration: 25mm

AP Shell Damage: 3100

Initial HE Shell Velocity: 900m/s

Initial AP Shell Velocity: 900m/s

With 7 152mm guns, Göta Lejon was capable of firing at up to 15 rpm per barrel. In game, this would put the HE DPM of the ship at just under Helena's, at around 231k HE DPM. The ship would have good ballistics, with a muzzle velocity of 900m/s. The turret setup is also unconventional, with 4 guns facing rearwards and 3 in the front. This would mean that this cruiser would favor a kiting position, as the majority of the firepower is concentrated rearwards.



2×3 533mm Torpedoes (3 per side)

Reload Time: 59 seconds

Maximum Damage: 7533

Speed: 76 knots

Range: 8km

I had the idea of giving this cruiser the IKEA torpedoes found on the Swidish Pan-European destroyers. These torpedoes would be faster than most cruiser torpedoes and reload fast but have low damage. These torpedoes would not be well suited for yolo rushing because of the low damage and torpedo tube count, and you can't stealth torpedo, but with their fast speed and reload, they can provide a lot of utility.

AA Defense

15.2 cm/53 (6") Model 1942 2×2 and 3×1 pcs.

Avg. Damage per Second: 70.6??

Firing Range: 6.9 km

4×1 57mm/60 Bofors

DPS: 200??

Firing Range: 4.0 km

11×1 40mm/70 Bofors M1948

DPS: 480??

Firing Range: 3.5 km

7×1 20mm/66 Bofors M1950

DPS: 150??????

Firing Range: 2 km

Damage by Shell Explosions: 1800 (give or take)

Number of Shell Explosions in a Salvo: 4

Obviously I do not know enough about how AA damage is calculated to get precise numbers, so all of these aa values are probably way too high, but I do know that the AA bubble would be monstrous. The DP 152mm guns would chew up idiots and/or inexperienced CV players from 6.9km, and the mid range aura would be even deadlier, consisting of the venerable 57mm/60 and 40mm/70 Bofors guns, the same ones found on the Halland. Now, I know this might be just a little too much for T7, but I say that those damn CV's have had it coming for a while now. chance it'll actually be released like this.


  • DCP
  • Repair Party
  • Hydroacoustic search

In order to offset the terrible health pool of the ship, I propose that it would get 2 charges of a Repair Party. It would also get a 5 km hydro, as with most light cruisers at that tier. It would not get the option of DFAA. As funny as that might be, it would simply be way too much.

So basically:


  • Would have the second best DPM at her tier, beaten only slightly by Helena.

  • Fast reloading and speedy torpedoes.

  • Batshit insane AA suite.

  • Low Concealment

  • Repair Party.

  • Existed and served.


  • Terrible Armor

  • Terrible health pool.

  • Questionable range.

  • Unconventional turret arrangement.

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