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Premium ship ideas (feel free to add some)

WorldOfWarships5 - Premium ship ideas (feel free to add some)

Etna, a tier VI Italian CL. Armed with 135mm guns, and lots of AA weapons.

Aquila, tier VIII Italian CV. Planes have poor HP, but has bombs with a very high fire chance, great torpedoes, and AP rockets. Poor armour, but decent armament.

Cleopatra, tier VII UK CL. Essentially a British Atlanta with less guns, but of a larger caliber. Has longer-ranged torpedoes too.

Utah, tier IV US BB. Two hull types, one with regular BB guns, and the other with lots of high rof 127mm guns as an AA refit.

Ward, tier III US DD. More of a collector’s ship for history buffs.

Tenedos, tier II UK DD. Similar to Wakatake in gameplay.

Stord, tier III European DD. First Norwegian ship that could be added to the game, participated in the sinking of Scharnhorst.

Opportune, tier VI UK DD. Essentially a British Monaghan.

Royal Oak, tier V UK BB. Similar to König, but with improved AA and British HE rounds. Also has no aircraft catapult.

Penelope, tier VI UK CL. Huanghe but with her British guns, and a nice red and white camo that Penelope wore in 1940.

Majestic, tier VIII Commonwealth CV. Australian CV that saw a lot of service, seeing action in the Korean and Vietnam Wars. She would obviously be in a 1950s refit for balancing purposes.

Rainbow, tier II Commonwealth CL. First cruiser of the Royal Canadian Navy. Need I say more? Similar gameplay to Diana.


Hyuga, tier VII Japanese BB. Sister to Ise, which is in development as a BB/CV. If Hyuga was added, she should be in her BB form.

Houston, tier VII US CA. Sank alongside the HMS Exeter in 1942. Similar gameplay to the Indianapolis, except she received no radar and worse AA defences, but as a compromise she receives a good heal and more HP.

Akagi, tier VIII Japanese CV. Opposite gameplay to Kaga, her planes are very strong. Gets access to AP bombs, and has no rocket aircraft.

Chiyoda, tier VI Japanese CV. Basically a better Zuiho, which will return to the game at some point.

Shinano, tier X Japanese CV. Basically a Japanese Midway, but with Kaga planes.

Atlantis, tier III German CL. Armed Merchant Cruiser, has light cruiser-level weaponry, but with Merchant ship mobility and protection. Has an aircraft catapult.

Koln, tier V German CL. Königsberg with Nürenburg C Hull AA.

Derfflinger, tier V German BB. König but fast, with less armour.

Admiral Scheer, tier VII German CA. Graf Spee but with better AA and increased survivability.

Leander, tier VI Commonwealth CL. Leander is already in the game, to make this work rename the current Leander to Achilles or Ajax, and add Leander to the Commonwealth tree, making her the first vessel for New Zealand.

Feel free to add other ideas!

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