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Hey guys, Ive had an idea for something like this for awhile. My love for my Tirpitz is pretty obvious. Building on her playstyle, I wanted to find a way to bring it to T10 in a way that Großer Kurfurst does not, and at least in theory, Im happy with the result. Small text wall inbound.

H-39 class BB Ludendorff, Tier 10

Ludendorff (or whatever you want to name it) would be essentially be a carbon copy of Freidrich Der Große at Tier 10. Armor scheme, manueverability, secondary guns, AA and the like is all pretty much the same. She would have essentially equal HP, and the same consumables. However, unlike its T9 sister, it can only mount the 406mm guns, again, with the same general characteristics. So why bother with this? What would make her special and justify the uptiering?

I propose that Ludendorff would get a 2.1 sigma, with that being the only difference between her guns and those of FDG. Thats equal to Yamato’s, however, since Ludendorf only has 8 406mm guns as opposed to the other Tier 10 BBs, packing larger and/or more guns, it feels justified (that, and theyre obviously nowhere near as strong as Yamato’s).


What really would put Ludendorff into a niche is her close range dominance. This is because she would have access to a staggering 4 SETS of G7 Steinbutt torpedo launchers, identical to those found on Graf Spee at Tier 6. Having 2 sets of 4 torpedos on each side, with the same 65 knot speed and good firing angles, would justify her place at Tier 10. I certainly dont see this being OP, and it would give her the niche as the dream brawling ship. It would not make Großer Kurfurst irrelevent either, since GK would still boast better secondaries (by virtue of the 128mm mounts), better armor, more/larger guns, more AA, etc.

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The playstyle would be emblematic of the German BB line. It would focus on close range actions while still being able to at least somewhat compete with her competition at range. Inside secondary range, she would be a problem for any lone ship. Inside 8km, she would be terrifying, with her hydro helping to compensate for her poor agility and her torpedoes able to end brawls quickly. This would be her ideal engagement. Outside that, an extra .3 sigma on her guns isnt gamebreaking, but its enough to make them useable in a T10 BB framework.

Ludendorff would be an evolution of FDG in the same way that Bourgogne is an evolution of Alsace, taking the traits of the T9 and enhancing them with more of the national flavour at T10. It would essentially be a T10 Mega Tirpitz. I could see it being a very fun idea for an Arsenal ship.

I know everyone is more or less tired of BBs for steel or coal but I thought Id bring the idea up anyway. What do you guys think?

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