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Premium ship suggestion: T8 ROCN Fen Yang, ex-IJN Yoizuki

WorldOfWarships3 - Premium ship suggestion: T8 ROCN Fen Yang, ex-IJN Yoizuki

Historical Background

IJN Yoizuki is the 10th ship of the Akizuki-class. Finished in January, 1945, she was born too late to see much active action during WWII. After the war, she was disarmed and used as a troop repatriation ship, during which time she earned herself infamy for the onboard conditions (she housed around 1,000 troops as opposed the designed complement of 272). She was transferred to Republic of China in 1947 without her armaments, and renamed Fen Yang.

After the defection of cruiser Chongqing, ex-HMS Aurora (presented in-game as Huang He), the ROCN planned Fen Yang's rearmament to counter the cruiser. Plans were drawn to arm her using the 10cm/65 Type 98 guns (Akizuki guns) removed from Taiwan's costal defence batteries, presumably in new turrets like this one on the ex-Yukikaze, 25mm AA guns left by the Japanese, 40mm Bofors given by the Americans, and a new set of 610mm torpedo tubes using the leftover Japanese Type 93 "Long Lance" torpedoes. The rearmament was supposed to be carried out with Sasebo Heavy Industry's help, by Japanese technicians.

Engine problems meant that she could not enter service with whatever stuff the Nationalists had, unlike Tan Yang (ex-Yukikaze). After the Nationalist's flight to Taiwan, her rearmament was seriously considered before the outbreak of the Korean War, which seen the US 7th Fleet patrolling the Taiwan strait, alleviating the Nationalist's need for another powerful destroyer. Her engine problems were eventually fixed with the help of the Japanese, but she was placed in reserve and scrapped a few years later.

What she will be in game, and why

Akizuki is awesome. Pakizuki Fen Yang offers Pan Asian captains a taste of the ducky line, without having to grind. Plus who wouldn't want a premium Akizuki?

In game, she should appear in her hypothetical refit with Japanese armaments, which btw is still more historical than Huang He's refit. That means she will basically be a copy-paste of Akizuki with cosmetic differences like the turret or the torpedo tube, with slightly better AA thanks to Bofors. The only significant difference will be that she will be armed with Deep Water Torpedoes like the rest of Pan-Asian DDs.

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Armaments, or Stop there, Satan!

Her armaments should be composed with the following:

– 4*Twin 10cm/65 Type 98 DP guns. RoF: 20RPM.

Those guns are exactly the same as Akizuki save for the new turret which should only have cosmetic differences. Or they doesn't even have to be new turrets as they would have been designed by the Japanese.

– An unknown number of 25mm and 40mm AA guns.

It's not the focus of the ship, anyway.

– 1*4 Type 93 mod. 2 DW torpedo launcher. Damage: 20966. Flood chance: 355%. Speed: 67kts. Visibility and reaction time: 0.9km, 5.1s. Range: 10km. Reload time: 112s. Can strike cruisers, aircraft carriers and battleships.

Those torps are a copy-paste of Akizuki torps save for the detection and the fact that they can't strike DDs. Theoretically those torps should be the same as Asashio's, but… no, let's not take Asashio's niche.

It's possible those torps can be quite overpowered, but Akizuki is not a torp bote and most people wouldn't spend points on TAE anyways. What I am proposing here are the initial stats, anyway — if she is found to be OP, she can always be uptiered to T9 (which makes her interesting — compared to Kitakaze, she has the same amount of torps per minute, with less damage but stupidly difficult to dodge), or make her torps strike BBs only like Asashio's. Taking away her TRB can also work. It's quite easy to tweak the torpedo power of this boat as her gun power is enough to prop her up already.

Finish the boat with copy pasta

Her hull is an Akizuki — a slightly simplified version to be exact, but still. That means she will have the exact same hull characteristics as Akizuki. I am not going to do a copy pasta here.

Her consumables similarly consist of the following:

Slot 1 – Damage Control Party

Slot 2 – Smoke Generator (Pan-Asian)/Surveillance Radar (Same as Hsienyang's)

Slot 3 – Engine Boost

Slot 4 – Torpedo Reload Booster

All except the smoke are copied from Akizuki. Radar Paki should be quite fun as well, but she will be extremely vulnerable as she lacks the concealment and maneuverability of Hsienyang.

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Possibility of uptiering

She is quite loaded with all the gimmicks, you see, on a hull that is already excellent. Although those gimmicks are only following Pan-Asian norms, you can see how WG messed with the line to make them unique.

The ship can probably be uptiered to T9 as a FXP DD with minor tweaks. Buffing her rudder shift or concealment to Kitakaze's will be enough, or maybe buffing her torpedo reload by a bit to differentiate the playstyle. Kitakaze is a bit too strong, anyway. Uptiering her to T9 will also present interesting opportunities: she will be able to fit the torpedo reload module, without suffering too much on gun power. An Pakizuki with torpedo build will get her torp reload down to 85.7s (!), but in return will lose her definitive DPM advantage over other DDs.

TL;DR: A Pan-Asian Akizuki with standard deep water torpedoes and slightly altered AA suite at T8 or T9.

Your thoughts?

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