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Premium suggestion: Japanese Destroyer Teruzuki of Akizuki-class (1959)

WorldOfWarships6 - Premium suggestion: Japanese Destroyer Teruzuki of Akizuki-class (1959)

While post-war Japanese equipment are a common sight in WoT, WoWS rely on wartime paper projects and WG inventions to fill the high tiers for the Japanese. In fact, even soon after the immediate post-war, the Japanese utilized various large, ocean-going vessels as a part of their costal patrol/naval force, often old vessels from the US, including the Gleaves-class and (guess what) Fletcher-class.

While the prospect of having yet another Fletcher in the game is… intriguing, when digging online I found the Akizuki-class (1959))more interesting. Funded by the US but designed by old IJN ship designers, those ships are special in that unlike other ships utilized by the JMSDF, they have anti-ship torpedoes, which makes it possible for them to be added into the game. They also use a gun that is already in game, but only used by a few ships — the 5in/54 calibre Mk 16, Midway's secondaries and Harekaze's third gun option. I feel they will make great premiums; and most importantly, they were built and commissioned, and represents a part of naval history not detailed in WoWS.

What's my proposal for the ships, then?

It's strange, but WoWS lacks a real "screening" DD that protects larger ships from submarines (in game, torpedoes from DDs) and aircrafts. Daring lacks defensive AA. Grozovoi or USN DDs lacks hydroacoustic search. The post-war Akizuki-class, however, is a good example of a "screening" DD, and was completely designed around "fu*k planes, fu*k submarines", with a single 533mm torpedo launcher that never loaded non-experimental torpedoes. The ship had an impressive arsenal of ASW weapons, as well as 4 3in guns in two twin turrets. Those guns are also found on the Des Moines-class in game.

With the purpose of the ship in mind, it only makes sense for the ship to have not just DefAA, but also hydro, in addition to the usual smoke and engine boost. The ship should be tiered at T8-T9.


Does that sound like a shit ton of gimmicks? It's because the ship needs it. This ship struggles to deal damage — those are the same guns on Harekaze's third hull, and yes she only has 3 of them. She will lose a gun fight to every single DD at T8 including Kagero post-buff. Unlike Harekaze, Akizuki and Teruzuki have a single torpedo launcher with American torpedoes at best. Giving her TRB can probably solve this issue, but that defies the purpose of making her into a defensive DD. Potentially, her advanced radar suite also means she can have radar as an option — but do we really need another radar DD? With that in mind, let me detail the rest of my proposal.

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Not much can be said here — real-life stats dictates.

Name – Teruzuki. Akizuki as a name already exist in game, and it's customary to not use lead ships for premiums.

Speed – 32knts

HP – 17400. The ship is heavier than the Fletcher-class, albeit only slightly.

Maximum Concealment – 5.8km.

Main Battery

5-inch/54 calibre Mark 16.

HE damage per shell – 1800.

AP damage per shell – 2400.

Chance of fire – 9%.

Range – 12.5km.


RoF – 18 to 20 RPM.

A copy-paste of existing stats in game except the range and RoF. Historically, this gun is capable of firing at 15-18 RPM, and Harekaze took the lower limit. Taking the upper limit yields an HE DPM of 97,200 HP; buffing this to 20 RPM yields 108,000HP. Considering this ship has weak torpedo armament, giving her a bit more HE DPM will help her deal with DDs. Also, don't be baited — the shells are still more floaty than Soviet guns.


There are a few possible choices:

533mm Mk 16 – Fletcher torps.

533mm Mk 15 mod 3 – Benson torps. Historically, those were the only destroyer-launched torpedoes used by the Fletcher-class.

Type 54 torpedoes – the torpedoes that were used by Akizuki-class historically. Those were electrically-driven, homing torpedoes with comparative range to the Mk14/Mk15 torpedoes, with some inspiration taken from WWII German G7e torpedoes. For simplicity's sake, let's assuming homing is not a thing; those torpedoes should have decent speed and range, with extremely low detection range a la Khaba torps. The only problem — those torpedoes do not have a lot of explosive charge which translate to shitty damage.

Regardless of torpedo options, the quadruple launcher should have a reload around 90s or less to counteract the lack of another launcher.

EDIT: I originally meant only one of those torpedoes will be used for the ship, not that the ship can choose between 3 options. Those are just the torpedoes the launcher could probably use historically.

The reload time may be a bit too long — giving it a 66s torpedo reload may be better?

AA Firepower

Long range aura 5-inch/54 calibre Mk 16, 33 dps, 5.2km.

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Mid range aura 3-inch/50 calibre Mk 33, 56 dps, 5.0km.

The ship does not have a short-ranged aura. Those values are calculated from Harekaze and Des Moines' values. Her AA firepower will be stronger than even the Neustrashimy or the Kidd, which should make her quite a threat to enemy planes.

Box of Gimmicks

Finally the her consumables should be composed of the following:

Slot 1 – Damage Control Party

Slot 2 – Smoke Generator (Japanese)

Slot 3 – Defensive AA Fire (same consumable on Kidd)

Slot 4 – Hydroacoustic Search (same consumable on Lo Yang)

Slot 5 – Engine Boost (standard)

The reason I chose to include speed boost is that the ship, as you can see, is too slow compared to other T8 or T9 DDs. While she has a lot of HP, she does not have RN acceleration or a heal to get out of troubles. She needs a speed boost or a heal, and I prefer the former.

With the above stats, she should be a solid T8 or a T9 if she is too powerful.


A post-war Japanese DD with Hydro and DefAA, a lot of HP and decent concealment, but lacking firepower. The only reason of her existence is to ruin enemy torp DDs and CVs' games, which is what DDs do IRL anyway, and to confuse people with her lead ship's name.

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