World of Warships

Probably the worst player to grace these forums. Help me.

WorldOfWarships7 - Probably the worst player to grace these forums. Help me.

Hey all,

I need help. I fucking suck at this game and i really want to improve. Having said that, I feel like i'm actually so bad, that i just dont even know what i can be doing to improve my overall gameplay.

I really like this game, but i'm at the point where i think i should pack it in because i'm more of a detriment to my team, and I'm sorta tired of losing (45% wr).

My shot accuracy sucks. I've watched several guides, and they've helped a little. I'm using the mini map more to aim at angled ships, but calculating my lead time on ships angled away from me seems impossible. I either shoot too shallow, or shoot over their super structures.

I'm also afraid to shoot. I play american cruisers a lot, so i tend to lend myself to a more support-driven playstyle, behind islands and wedged where i think no one can see me. the problem is, I suck at that too. Every time i think i'm safely tucked behind an island, and out of concealment, i pop a salvo off, and instantly have 4+ ships looking at me via priority target. So now, i've been spending way too much time trying to find a safe spot to even fire, and end up contributing very little to my team.

I've seen so many contradictory posts about how to play american cruisers (mainly worcester for me). Some people say to stay behind the team and let my bb's go in. Problem is, they never do (lol). Then i get yelled at for not radaring and providing intelligence. Next game i try to be a little more proactive with it, and no one does anything with the intelligence.


Basically, I feel like I have so much to improve on that i can't concentrate and just have fun, i'm always worried that i'm going to be out of position, or missing shots that need to hit. On top of it all, other players really only make matters worse when they call me out for screwing up. Like, I know i'm bad; having you remind me isn't helping. I'm at a complete loss as to how to get better now. So please, any and all tips and strategies are greatly appreciated.


EDIT: Man, the amount of advice in here is really great. this community is something else. I really appreciate the amount of effort into these responses- so much to read through and learn. This game is awesome and very detailed.

I've decided to drop down a few tiers and try some other ship lines. I started playing this game pretty casually a few years ago and took a long break. I really only ever played american cruisers. Even tho i have several hundred games under my belt, i still feel like a noob. That said, backing off the tiers a bit has helped significantly. I'm trying russian cruisers out, and i'll probably try a few other lines before i hop back into the top tiers again. Thanks again for all the advice!

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