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Proposal CV Rework of the CV Rework

WorldOfWarships7 - Proposal CV Rework of the CV Rework


Alright, we all know that one of the most hated aspects about facing CVs is that you cannot directly damage them and the most you can do is shoot down planes hoping to find the CV at the end of the match, this proposal is specially targeted at that issues since most people take issue specially on that, same as Artillery in WoT.

Brutalize the CV AA and nerf concealment across all CVs: Historically they had to be around AA Cruisers or Battleships to reduce the chances of getting nuked by enemy planes. The proposed change is so that CVs are forced to push with the team making use of islands or die by enemy planes alone. The CV should keep the Fighter Consumable but that would be basically the most it can do to defend itself as the AA would be barely even stronger than that of DDs. We have plenty examples of the exact same guns performing better or worse in different ships (76.2mm or 40mm Bofors for example) so that is nothing that we haven't seen before.

Increase the HP A LOT while keeping the meh armor layout: The proposed idea is that they get the HP of the same Tier and nation tech tree BB plus the HP of the entire healthiest squadron that can be on the ship at any time. Just as a little example, Hakuryu would have roughly 120.000 HP but lacking any kind of repair party and retaining the current armor. Being forced to push, having worst in game concealment and abuse island cover they will inevitably make them take damage on the ship so that's why the very large HP pool. If they end up being too fragile maybe they could get 1 heal charge with nerfed characteristics (because regular heal on 120k base HP would heal too much) that as usual can be increased to 2 with premium or 3 with superintendent but that skill is very bad on CVs so barely anyone would take it.

Massively buff secondary ranges and accuracy across all CVs: As they will have to push, they would be very likely to have to face enemy surface ships from time to time so range similar to the same Tier and nation tech tree DD would be a fair assumption. Additionally they would gain a long requested feature: Actual manual secondaries that you can manually aim. That would work when "on ship view" and when you are controlling planes the secondaries will work as we all are used to. They would have Heavy Cruiser accuracy when manually aimed instead of DD accuracy but when controlling planes, they would have an accuracy resembling slightly nerfed Massachusetts/Georgia/Ohio secondaries so they would land quite a bit of shells but not a insane amount. The reload would stay as it is and each tech tree would have different secondary characteristics:


– US CVs would have better AA (on the dual propuse secondaries) than the others with faster reloads and sturdy AA mounts.

– British CVs would get improved fire chance and damage

– IJN CVs would get the 30mm HE pen as this change would be after IFHE rework and relatively fast reloads but weaker mounts than usual

Hypothetical CV lines:

– KMS CVs would have the 1/4 HE baked in contered by the usual poor HE damage and the longest range together with the best "autoaim" accuracy

– French CVs would have very long ranges almost as good as German ones together with second best reload only after US CVs but the weakest secondary mounts

– Soviet CVs very fast secondary shell velocity making landing shells much easier and slightly above average "autoaim" accuracy but poor reload compared to the others

CV would recover "ship consumables": For example GZ would recover her hydro, maybe even spreading it across every T8+ CV. DefAA would also return to High Tier CVs in very limited charges to make the slower CVs being able to slightly mitigate the plane damage if they fall behind due to having to be careful on top of their lackluster speed. They could potentially also get that rumored Secondary Reload Booster but that would be up to WG really.


• Making CVs punishable but not dead in any way while also giving them armament to defend themselves

• More HP in every match so damage records would potentially be smashed

• Encourage pushing as catching the enemy CV in a retreat could be a game winning move

• Restore secondary viability as many of this changes could also be implemented on Battleships and some Cruisers


• Could make bad CV players overextend or missposition and die relatively soon

• Doesn't focus on planes at all so they would have to get their own specific balancing

I personally think this is how the CV rework should have been since day one. My idea for the planes that would come along with this CV changes is a in between the current and old system, with the current attack planes that could also change altitude but the RTS aspect of using fighters anywhere in the map to encourage actual CV vs CV play. What do you all think? Do you think I'm just crazy or that something like this could work if implemented properly?

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