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PSA: AA Sector reinforcement mechanic

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125052 psa aa sector reinforcement mechanic - PSA: AA Sector reinforcement mechanic

Cross post from the forums/discord by player El2aZeR, done with his permission)

In my last Alaska match (yes, I do play surface ships from time to time, stop gaping at me) I noticed that normally my long range AA would do 108 damage per tick, yet when I activated the sector reinforcement it would start doing 54 damage but at a faster rate.

Intrigued by this I did some basic training room tests which have come to the following conclusion:

The sector reinforcement mechanic does not increase the overall damage dealt, it only increases the tickrate but in the end applies the same amount of damage regardless. Unless you're a BB.

So lets say you have AA that has a damage value of 4 which ticks every second. Using sector reinforcement makes this aura tick every half a second for a damage of 2. The overall damage doesn't change, the same damage just gets applied faster. This can still be considered a buff but a minor one, it is nowhere near as useful as the promised 50% increase in DPS would be.

Also note that this applies universally. Cruisers are supposed to get a 150% improvement while everyone else gets 135%, yet this doesn't seem to be the case. In reality everyone seems to get a 50% increase in tickrate, from one second to half a second.

Well, everyone except battleships, they actually seem to get the advertised DPS buff because why not I suppose?



Full Priority Sector

Opposite Side of PS

Without anything Clemson long range deals 4 damage per second. Using sector reduces damage to 2 but increases tickrate to half a second. If you use the sector in the wrong direction however sector reinforcement works as intended and reduces damage dealt to 3 every second.

(Note that Clemson is the only ship I tested what happens when you use sector reinforcement in the wrong direction on.)



Without Priority Sector

Full Priority Sector

Same story, 48 every second without sector reinforcement, 24 every half a second with sector reinforcement.




Hosho actually seems to get shafted by 1 DPS for whatever reason.

I know, completely outrageous. WG pls buff Hosho immediately.




9 damage every second, 6 damage every half a second for a total DPS of 12. A ~30% increase precisely as advertised.

The following conclusions are thus possible:

  • this is working as intended. Praised be the glorious BB masterrace.

  • my stopwatch skills are terrible. Kinda unlikely I would hope but I'm not gonna rule out the possibility

  • this is a visual bug, the DPS increase actually works as intended for everyone but the numbers are wrong or sth

  • this is a general bug and needs to be fixed

Do note that if this is actually working as intended then the MAA skill is actually more useful than previously thought of on cruisers and DDs since sector reinforcement doesn't actually buff DPS anyway.

Also remember when WG said that RTS AA was convoluted and difficult to understand?


Praised be the rework.

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