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PSA: “At least I’m not a coward”

WorldOfWarships2 - PSA: "At least I'm not a coward"

Just a little note to the few (or not so few) players out there who don't really look into game mechanics and game logic that much.

About "not being a coward" in battle:

– Hiding behind an island isn't cowardice; it's just damage mitigation. If the person behind the island survives, chances are they know a thing or two about playing their ship.

– Once everyone dies on your flank, don't "go down fighting," retreat and play smart. Suiciding isn't doing your team a favor, and it certainly isn't "honorable"

– "At least I went down fighting" isn't an excuse for mispositioning and getting cornered by multiple enemy ships. Think ahead and avoid places where you can't retreat.

– Contrary to "being a coward," retreating and kiting is simply a way for you to hold off the enemy for longer. It's much more "honorable" and "brave" than going for a ram and failing or YOLOing once you're out of support.

– We're not all special snowflakes. Incredibly risky plays like rushing a parked BB with torps don't always work out in your favor. With the CV, radar and hydro-heavy META, chances are they'll know you're coming and they'll be ready for you.

– "I took one down with me" is not a replacement phrase for "YOLOing." Even if you manage to trade and take an enemy ship with you, you haven't really done anything for your team. You've just traded your ship away, and if it's late game you've just thrown away a significant portion of your team's damage output.

– Think about the larger tactical situation. If it's late game and your team is ahead on points, don't charge the enemy and try to secure more damage unless it's a certain win (almost never.) Stay back and ensure a victory, because if you mess up and throw the game, you'll get much less XP and credits. Is it really worth risking defeat for 50 or 60 more base XP?

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– "At least I'm not a coward, running away" isn't a valid reason to berate a teammate for retreating. Because you died, your teammate is likely retreating to break off contact and to re-engage in more favorable conditions. Don't get all angry at someone for withdrawing support from you — if they know anything about teamplay then they'll withdraw and save themselves (and the game) once they see you're doomed because of your YOLO play.


– " won't freaking shoot, what a coward" — there's a lot of ships that have stealthy playstyles out there. Take the tier 5 IJN torp boat DD, the Mutsuki. Mutsuki has two guns that turn slower than a battleship's guns, and the little damage that you can dish out by shooting isn't worth it, as getting detected and receiving for almost 0 damage output isn't a good idea. In some cases though, the person refusing to shoot may be a true potato, but those kinds of players are either AFK or very rare megapotatos

– When it's almost a 100% defeat and there's one ship left on your team, they might refuse to shoot. They're not cowards, they're just playing it smart. By staying undetected and surviving, despite the defeat they pay less for repair bills. Sometimes not shooting or "going down fighting" is bigger than a single battle.

– "DD coward, won't cap" — in case you haven't noticed yet, DDs get shafted a lot in the current META, so it's OK for them not to cap if they're being pushed out. A DD not capping is better than a dead DD. There's also strange DDs out there like the Khaba and Udaloi that really suck at capping, so there's that too. Khaba tends to go around harassing the enemy team, resetting caps rather than capping itself. Not that I'm a Khaba player but you know

– Not all heroes wear capes; you may not see someone be shooting and holding off all of the enemy team at once; they might be retreating, but in the end the players that last into the late game are usually the ones who decide the match. Try to survive until the late game, rather than YOLOing in the early stages because your team is overrun.

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To sum up, there really isn't a such thing as a coward in WoWs. If someone isn't holding off the enemy or actively fighting them, they're most likely doing it for a good reason, to play for the objective and the team, rather than "being brave and going down fighting."

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