World of Warships

PSA on the Raid for the Filth event

WorldOfWarships7 - PSA on the Raid for the Filth event

How to most optimally farm the filth event:

1st off, establish if a truce is on or not. If a truce is on and you are not part of it, dont complain if everyone turns on you. You are not forced to be part of the truce, but you dont get to benefit from it either. State clearly if you are not following the truce

2nd, let any DD's on your team get the first couple of filth pools. The DD's are much faster and more nimble than the cruisers and battleships. The first wave of ships that all 3 teams have to fight adds up to 450 filth total. What this means is the DD can grab most of it while you focus on heading to your clockwise filth pool

3rd, by the time you collect your filth pool and kill the battleship defending it, you should have between 800 and 850 filth(850 being the max possible at this point in the match). At this point, your goal if you are in a truce should be to head towards Rasputin and focus him together. If you are a DD or CA however, you will get obliterated by the DD's that surround Rasputin. You must slowly carve your way to him, taking out the DD's first before fighting the boss. Trying to focus or rush down Rasputin will only result in you likely getting torped/rammed to death. Once Rasputin is dead, collect what you can from him and the DD's you killed.


4th, by the time 8 1/2 minutes are left, any battleship or cruiser should start heading towards the gate immediately. Once the game has 5 minutes left, about a dozen suiciding DD's will spawn in the mid. If you have not entered the middle by the time 5 minutes remains, you are unlikely to make it. Better to get out with what you have than risk losing everything.

5th, if Rasputin is dead and your team doesn't have max filth, don't turn on each other. You wont win. DD's and CA's don't have the torp damage to insta kill battleships, and your battleship cant handle the sustained damage from the other 6 people in the match focusing you. At best, most everyone will die and you will get almost nothing(probably between 150-400 filth) when you could have gotten at least 1000. Trying to be selfish and have it all to yourself only ends up fucking you over harder. If someone else turns on you, dont take this to mean everyone is going to. Calmly turn your turrets/torps and wipe that selfish prick off the map. They'll learn eventually.

If executed properly, most teams should average between 1500-2000 filth a game.

Good luck

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