World of Warships

[PSA] The Hunt is Over

WorldOfWarships1 - [PSA] The Hunt is Over

Last Friday the NA Community Team with Sub_Octavian at our side set you on an epic quest to unlock the mysteries and secrets of the subreddit in celebration of 50,000 of you coming together to make memes like about how "broken" the Conkek's heal is.

Some of you dedicated many hours of time scrapping through convoluted and (in one case) broken riddles, others watched from the sideline and cheered them on. If you did not hear, the code was cracked and the goodies revealed. To those who risked their lives (or you know; just put in a lot of time) make sure you check out your DM's.

For everyone else, if you haven't already check out the original post and claim the code while its still valid (only 50k activations, so get to it)

Once again, congratz on reaching 50k, we'll make sure we think of something even better for your next milestone!

Massive shoutout to your Moderators who helped by providing and suggesting posts for this hunt. If you're wanting to check out where the answers were, just check below:

1. H – Post is tagged with the humor Flair –

2. A – 8 sunk ship symbols of the wall, 8th letter in the creators name LostVegas1337

3. M – First letter of the ship that is the main feature of the joke (Midway)

4. K – For the Khabarovsk that is replaced by a Shimikaze.

5. C – The third ship attacking the repairing Conqueror in the gif is the Conqueror

6. R – 25 cuts of Obama in the Video, 25th letter in the post made by MilestoneMemberMemer /


7. 4 – The date that the Shipgirls comic was dated on the strip.

8. M – The word “Meta” is a video game term and a widely discussed topic on reddit, typically it was not used in war settings.

9. D – The beginning letter of the name of the person who created the logo for the Krasny Krym

10. B – For battleship/BB, the class the “sims” is aiming for on the meme.

11. 9 – Players Karma in this meme was reduced by 9.

12. C – The first letter in the name of the poster of the related post

This gave the code: HAMKCR4MDB9C

As per the additional code, you had to take a Cipher Wheel, and set it to "R" (R representing Reddit)

I used this one:

And decode it! Unfortunately a small mistake on my part meant that A / M were decoded backwards, but a hint gave that away and the code was unlocked!

Source: Original link

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