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[PSA] Twitch Drops for Dummies

WorldOfWarships2 - [PSA] Twitch Drops for Dummies

The chance is probably slim that those who need it will read this but one never knows. As someone who pretty much replaced TV with online streams as entertainment source, i spend quite some time on Twitch. That's why i see over and over the same questions and complains about Twitch Drops, so let me enlighten you that you don't have to ask 'not so smart' or embarrassing questions in random Twitch chats.

Hey streamer, do you have Twitch Drops enabled?

The answer is YES! Every single Twitch user has by default drops enabled no matter if they stream or not. It's a default settings by Twitch and in order to not have drops enabled the user has to dig into their settings and manually disable drops. No streamer with a brain would ever do this, because this would chase away viewers. Furthermore, it literally says underneath the video in green letters (at least they are green in dark mode which i use) that drops are enabled.

I have watched for xx amount of time but haven't gotten any drops. Why??

Twitch Drops are a chance to get a drop, it is not a guarantee. You only have a slim chance to receive a drop and if your RNG sucks you get little to no drops ever. Here is how it works:For every hour you watch a stream a dice is rolled and this decide if you get a Twitch Drop or not. From talking with others and from own experience i would estimate that the drop chance is no more than maybe 5% to 10% to get a drop. So if you are lucky you watch streams for 3 hours and get 3 drops, if your RNG sucks you watch for 300 hours and you get nothing.

Two weeks ago i got 4 drops in one day and since then i got nothing. Are drops broken?

Most certaily not. Twitch Drops have a hard limit! I'm too lazy to search it now but WG stated a while ago in a news that Twitch Drops have a hard limit of 5 drops per update cycle. This means, an update cycle is the time between two major updates and this is usually once a month. So you can get a maximum of 5 drops per month before the drops are resetted and you can get some again. Hard limit plus the random chance to get a drop can let it appear as if the system is broken but it is not.

What do i have to do to get drops?


All you have to do is to link your WoWs acount with Twitch. Head over to the WoWs website, login at the top right corner, click your name in the top right corner, click Account Management, click the Twitch button, give permission to Twitch (you have to logged in to Twitch or you will be asked to login), done! It's that simple and only takes a few seconds. If this was too complicated there are also instructions with screenshots on the WoWs website.

Are Twitch Drops worth it?

In my opinion, NO! Yes it's free stuff, but the Twitch Drops are the usual few credits, a few signals and consumables. Instead of a container you can also get a personal mission where you have to complete some simple task and get rewarded with some camos (usually 3 to 5 XP camos). If you play the game in the time you watch Twitch and hope for a drop you can get better stuff for free. The epic drop, which is usually a Supercontainer or a Ship has an astronomical small chance to happen. It's probably more likely to get 3 SC from the 3 daily chests than to get this epic drop.

Can i get drops on more than one WoWs account?

This is actually an interesting question. I myself play on EU and NA so it would make sense to link both regions to Twitch to receive drops double. In fact, when Twitch Drops started i asked this very question in the official forums and either Conway or Crysantos (can't remember and i'm too lazy to check it) replied that this will work, i just have to link both regions. From what i can tell you though, it does not work and never did. I only receive Twitch Drops to the last account i linked to Twitch. If i link my EU account and afterwards my NA account to the same Twitch account, drops go to my NA account but never to EU. If you have more than one WoWs account you will probably experience the same. You can however create two Twitch accounts and link your alt account to the different Twitch account and once you received your 5 drops per month, switch over to the other Twitch account to get drops for your WoWs alt account. But as i mentioned above, the drops are not worth the trouble really.

That's it guys. If i have missed an important question let me know. If you have more or other info about Twitch Drops post them below.

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