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[PSA][FREESTUFF][4REAL] 50.8K Giveaway and wor(l)d of thanks!

WorldOfWarships6 - [PSA][FREESTUFF][4REAL] 50.8K Giveaway and wor(l)d of thanks!

Hello everyone, I’m Kami, a Community Manager for WoWS North America. Together with my NA colleagues
Radar X - [PSA][FREESTUFF][4REAL] 50.8K Giveaway and wor(l)d of thanks!/u/Radar_X, /u/Femennenly and our WG SPB friend
/u/Sub_Octavian I am happy to congratulate you and the Mod Team on reaching over 50K captains.

We can’t believe it has been 7 years already! Let’s take a short trip down memory lane at a few of the events which have helped form the subreddit up to this point.

Has anyone been around long enough to remember WorldOfBattleships? That was created before alpha!

Kitakami in all her glory! Who remembers the Kitakami and what she was known for? No, it is not a trolling (just a bit).

Sub_Octavian joining the subreddit and doing his first QnAs.

Throughout the years you have provide a lot of heated debates (because we all love the game even if we have different opinions on it), hilarious memes and in-depth content. It’s all an important part of WoWS community and we are very grateful to have you, guys.

We (NA Community Team) were not too active here, but times are changing! We are very happy to contribute more to this sub, so if you have any questions or issues, feel free to ping us. We will do our best to maintain strong presence here and help you out as
Sub Octavian - [PSA][FREESTUFF][4REAL] 50.8K Giveaway and wor(l)d of thanks!
/u/Sub_Octavian did before.

As a token of our appreciation, please use this code to claim an insignia symbol specifically and exclusively designed for this subreddit: MEM35N1NF04Y0U1

But wait, there is more! Entering one bonus code is too simple… the WoWs subreddit has formed a subculture of sorts within itself – something that has become a part of our lives and gives us a lot of exciting moments at work. We know you are hardcore enough, so we have a hardcore challenge for you!

So you’ll need to know the ins and outs, the hot and the not, and the ups and downs of the sub. If you do, you will be able to decipher a second bonus code! It contains very spicy goodies: some Damage Control Party II, some AA and Detonation flags and 3 Restless Fire camos. A survival kit for any true sea wolf!

With the help of your glorious moderation team we’ve scraped together 12 posts that truly represent the subreddit from the early days of 1 member, all the way to the impressive milestone reached. The quest is simple (but it’s not):

  1. Follow the clues
  2. Find the relevant Post
  3. Uncover the Letter/Number that will help make your Code

Start by uncovering 1 hidden letter/number per clue below. But wait…there is even more! After you get your full base code, you’ll need to break one last riddle. To do so you’ll need to:

“Take the Wheel, to work out our Cipher, one special letter will unlock the deal, to show you’re a redditor 4 lifer.” I hope this challenge will help you to go through some of the most stellar content of this sub and have a lot of fun (and engagement). Thank you once again and have a good hunting!

P.S. Both codes are active for 2 weeks, and work for NA, EU, ASIA and CIS. Code 1 (insignia) has unlimited number of activations. Code 2 is capped at 50 000.

Base Clues:


“Going for a Capzone”

Will make any DD groan


The name of the flair

For laughs you’ll want to be there


The world is quieter now, danger on the horizon, a trailer suggests

A division of 4, united by hate, living by one rule

Red marks on the wall, a bloody death toll, you’ll need this number as a locator

A start can be found, cross off the letters, from this masterpieces’ creator


A joke gone wrong but executed oh so right

Raising the bar to new heights, in the right way

Crux of the line, is what you’ll need to find

A particular ship walks in, is the letter to keep in mind


My enemy’s enemy, is my friend

When fanbases collide upon a bun, you know there will fun

Except for a no-so-little ship who doesn’t fit the bill

Replaced with a Shimakaze against its will


You’ve made it a third of the way through

But its him to hit that repair, as you go dark and withdrew

Coming back with more health than before thanks to your Amish crew

You look towards the 3rd ship who dares pursue


An important message delivered by a President

Delivered without his consent

Fragmented into pieces, noticed by a memer in a comment

Count along the letters, being accurate is important


Anime may come and go, but it has become a creature of its own

Immortalized in comics, this one definitely caught fire

Something is missing, but not the shells on Yamato that have become quite dire

The number you seek, represents a date set in stone


A famous captain in game, earned by a tricky campaign

Making a joke about an opposing nations’ class, focused on planes

A term not used commonly in war

Holds the letter you care for


We all have nicknames, and so do some ships

One ship I donut think we could avoid

When you can't find it, you just have to make it

Thanks to the creator, we donut have to life without it


Torping with the Sims, definitely ain’t so sweet

In comparison to four holier DDs

Particularly when the torps don’t meet

This ship class at the end of the alley


Missions are fun, particularly once their done

But some don’t make sense, or are even appropriate

Shoot the HE, in a battleship one by one

Losing how much Karma, was this Captain’s fate


Long and narrow, normally deadly, but this time cuddly

Famed in warships culture, comes a plushy that’s beyond comfy

A vote to show interest, this redditor started

To show how many want this Torpillow wholehearted

Important Details:


• All letters will be capitalized

• If the clue indicates a word, take the first letter of said word.

Source: Original link

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