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Puerto Rico will stay exclusive, although they explicitly stated last year multiple times it won’t.

WorldOfWarships2 - Puerto Rico will stay exclusive, although they explicitly stated last year multiple times it won't.

Today, WG answered in their QnA a question regarding Puerto Rico.

To quote the question and their answer:

Q: The Puerto Rico dockyard event was said to be an early access mechanic for the ship herself, but we have yet to see her appear in the armory. Any ETA on that?

A: In World of Warships there are a lot of ships that are available to players only for a short time (for example, rewards for in-game events or special premium shop offers) or only for a certain resource (steel ships). Getting them at another time or in another way is not possible, which in some way makes this ship additional value for players. Puerto-Rico belongs to such ships, as it was the main reward of the New Year Dockyard. So, we have no plans to distribute Puerto-Rico in the near future. But who knows, maybe one day this ship will be available for obtaining again.

Yet this is again WG blatantly being disrespectful to their players and thinking players would forget what they said. During the Pay2Rico fiesta last year, WG had addressed multiple times question regarding the exclusiveness of Puerto Rico and its availability for later time. WG at that time answered that Puerto Rico will become available again and not stay exclusive to the dockyard event:

1) A user's recap from Anchros Away event:

2) Transcript from that said anchor's away event for cross reference (credit to thegamefilmguruman):
WANQxzRjkgk?t=1216 - Puerto Rico will stay exclusive, although they explicitly stated last year multiple times it won't.

The exact wording from the Lexington Q&A which eggfacts so kindly linked (minus 'um's): "The question is about further plans for Puerto Rico. Um. Right now nothing specific to announce. But you can expect that this ship will not be exclusive to this event forever. So at some point, like any other premium content that we previously released as part of marathons, as part of time limited events, Puerto Rico will be available to obtain for some currency like coal or steel. We will find out which currency will suit it better. But yeah, so this is very likely possibility." ~Boyarski


"This isn't your only opportunity to get Puerto Rico is ultimately the story. We just don't know what that story looks like after 0.8.11. The thing is with this holiday event is that we're learning. We're learning a lot of things about a lot of the different things. This is the first time we've done this kind of an event-The Dockyard. And so it's a really awesome feature. Something that we have to grow on-something we're going to learn. So again, I go back to what I said a few minutes ago, that your feed back is really important to us in all things." ~Senior Community Manager NA

u/Sub_Octavian 's answer:

4) From German forum:

Und wer Puerto Rico wirklich haben will, kann sie auch noch in Zukunft bekommen. Lediglich die besondere Tarnung ist exklusiv fuer dieses Event bestimmt.

Stating that only the camo is exclusively tied to the event not the ship itself.

Some of you or WG may argue that the QnA did say that PR maybe will be available in the future again.

However from the many year's of experience with WG, which hopefully many of you can confirm and agree with, WG's "may be available in the future again" is what they said with Kutuzov, Belfast, Enterprise or many other ships when they were taken down from the shop/game. It is another way of WG saying it won't return except for x-mas loot crate or whatever new pay-wall they invent. Only exception we saw so far was JB. I find simply outrageous how WG already forgot what shitstorm they caused last year with Pay2Rico event and how they tried to calm down the outrage of the community with many words. Yet what I take away from this QnA is that their loyalty to customer is not important and they proved again that their words are hollow and untrustworthy. Again they are trying to get away with "we didn't promise anything" or "plans change".

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