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Question about the World of Warships ‘Safe Mode’

WorldOfWarships3 - Question about the World of Warships 'Safe Mode'

Hello there,
does anyone know how exactly the save mode works in WoWs? So that I can track the problem more specific.

To describe why I want to know it:
The safe mode doesn't just disable all the mods. That's obvious, because I do currently have a problem with my fps and it doesn't matter if I have some mods installed, many mods installed or no mods installed: I get arround 20-30 fps plus micro stuttering ingame.
The thing is: In port or after the loading screen, before the battle starts (i.e. while Countdown is there) I have my standard fps of about 60-70 (or ~140, if I have the limit increased).
But as soon as the battle starts, my fps drop to below 30.
This problem remains as long as I'm alive. If I'm in spectator mode, i get slightly higher framerates.


If I launch the game in safe mode, I get stable 65+ fps on highest settings.

Graphic options don't matter (It's the same with lowest settings as with highest settings).

My CPU is a i7-5930k @4,4GHz,
my GPU is a GTX 980ti.
It certainly is not a Hardware-problem.

If anyone has similar issues, please tell me (I already found one of my Clan who has exactly the same problem).

TL/DR: What exactly does the safe mode do (except removing mods)?


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