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Quick thoughts on this Ranked Season after ranking out

WorldOfWarships4 - Quick thoughts on this Ranked Season after ranking out

Tl;dr: Didn't want to play Randoms after ranking out, so I wrote I text wall instead.

After finishing my journey from 18-1 in 170 Battles with an overall winrate of 56.57% here's my quick thoughts about the season overall.

The match tier:

I personally always enjoyed the lower tier Ranked Seasons more, which is why I ranked out twice in Tier 7. There are certain reasons why I still think lower tiers are better for Ranked:

  • to prevent Rentals from being used, pretty simple.

  • costs. Not everyone runs Premium and I'd rather not lose 7/8 million credits while playing.

  • ships are less specialized. You don't really have long-range HE kiters or sniper overmatch botes like the HIV/the Yamato at Tier 6/7/8. I like this more since you can play less according to the ships you were matched with.

  • No Legendary Mods. While I do appreciate them adding more to T10 ships you've played for ages I don't like the effect they have in competitive modes.

The CV question:

CV's actually seemed mostly fine to me in most matches.

The only matches that were retarded were those matchups without DD's where CA/CL's were forced to partially do the job of the DD and especially Haku's bullshit bombs nuked the shit out of my cruisers multiple times.

Rental Ships:

I personally used a Rental Conqueror (with my 19 point Lion grind captain) occasionally for the lower ranks up to Rank 5/6. Still used it a few times below 5 but you could really feel the missing camo with its benefits when ppl shot at you so I opted out of it after some time.

Don't really know how to feel about losing around 20 karma overall while playing the Rental Conq and getting shit-talked in chat multiple times (getting called cheap etc.)…

In theory the concept of a Rental ship doesn't sound too bad, however the implementation of them in the same way as for Clan Battles doesn't really work unless your skill is close to or above Unicum levels.

Especially Destroyers lose out on a lot without the camos.

My recommendation:

  • if you don't own a Tier 10, just don't play Ranked this season. You'll need the experience and the camo bonuses to be able to rank out in a decent time.

The matches itself:

Since I was quite fast with pushing through the lower tiers I was actually able to have matches with fellow decent players. People often talked in chat to coordinate and one-sided matches were turned in last minutes.

Read:  [PSA] Policy for "Premium Ship Restoration" got reworked, in the favour of the player, especially those in EU or ASIA. Time-limit got removed.

Overall I had a lot of fun in the lower ranks, compared to Random Battles you could experience a different level of play normally only restricted. Smokes for example oftentimes resulted in the ship inside of them getting killed by someone who anticipated their movement inside the smoke.

What I played:

  • 47 LM Zao matches – 62% WR

pretty good for my playstyle, the classic jack of all trades, although you might out miss on radar/AA utility

  • 39 Rental Conq matches – 54% WR

its not called Mega-Zao sometimes without reason, you switch out consumables/accuracy for sheer tankiness and alpha dmg

  • 36 Montana matches – 56% WR

the classic battleship, not much needed to explain why I played her

  • 26 LM Yamato matches – 50% WR

was shit at aiming the guns until I got the hang of it after 10 matches or so, lost the first six before – sorry teams, later ranked out with her and her 32 mm overmatch

  • 12 Mino matches – 75% WR

fun to play (I played with smoke) but very tiring, requires high base skill, radar mino is more common and also viable, great AA

  • 5 Henri IV matches – 20% WR

potentially a great long-range kiter, didn't really get her to work for me

  • 2 Shimakaze/DM matches – 50% WR each

great torp wall, best detection range after LM Gearing, very low air detection, loses out on a lot of gunpower compared to other DD's

high utility with AA/Radar, don't really like her playstyle too much so I didn't play her, LM Des Moines is annoying as hell to aim at

  • 1 Kurfürst match – 100 % WR

IMO the only BB that's not really viable, since she loses a lot for her gimmick – the hydro

Thoughts on the remaining ships:

  • The Carriers:

Haku, Midway, Auda: all are generally viable, from what I've seen Haku's alpha potential is the most useful in a lot of situations (especially her bombs)

  • The remaining cruisers:

Hindenburg: too squishy, low HE damage isn't really offset by 1/4 HE-Pen on a lot of targets, feels sluggish

Worcester: tankier Radar Mino with HE, not much else to say really

Stalingrad: good firepower, quite tanky with long-range radar, gets focus-fired quite hard most of the time

Moskva: a lesser version of the Stalin basically imo

  • The remaining battleships:

Republique: seems good at kiting, decent accuracy at range

Bourgogne: the same thing that the Jean Bart is to the Richelieu, her speed makes her sometimes annoying to shoot at, generally seems strong, weakness is her low HP

Kremlin: strong in CQC where many matches get decided, people often overextend with this thing, depends on others to properly deal with kiting ships on range

  • The remaining destroyers:

So basically I don't really play DD's at all, if some DD main wants to comment feel free to, my observations in the lower ranks were basically that you mostly see Gearing's, Grozos and Darings (either for their Def AA in Gearing/Grozovoi's case or the general utility of Daring)

Closing thoughts:

So I've heard that there's only a puny achievement for ranking out instead of a cool Jolly Roger (3 for me). Kinda makes me sad. Also my winrate is less then I wanted it to be, guess that's punishment for being a detriment to my team in my HIV/first Yamato matches. Zao winrate is also a bit skewed since I pretty much lost all my hp and the match pretty fast if there was no DD but a CV in it.

Tbh the worst thing about this season is either the general trend to less/no DD's in CV matches some seem to experience or the Kremlin being able to be used in a competitive mode from Day 1 of her release.

Literally every other (somewhat) competitive game has a ban on usage of new content in the competitive game modes for some time (see Overwatch for example).

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