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Ranked Out – From Bronze to Gold 1, Some Thoughts

WorldOfWarships6 - Ranked Out - From Bronze to Gold 1, Some Thoughts

TL;DR: Player pool too small to separate players by performance. DDs drive the match and have extra undue pressure. Zero intention to punish players who deliberately ruining matches. CVs still ruining matches. Nothing really changed from previous version of ranked. But overall, still superior to Random, since most people are there to play to win rather than drooling.
aFbYuNw - Ranked Out - From Bronze to Gold 1, Some Thoughts

Shimakaze best DD.


This new version suffers the same problem as the old version, namely not dividing the player pool enough in terms of competence. Anyone can drool their way through Bronze and Silver, and once entering Gold league, the 10 ranks within Gold is not separated from each other. People in Gold 2 or 3 can be matched against people in Gold 10, and the difference between the two brackets is astonishing. Comparing to the old version of "ranked", the brackets makes no difference except artificially adding 2 metals below gold to make people feel like they accomplished something.

It is still too easy for "bad" players to advance through Bronze and Silver, and there are still not effective mechanisms in designing the ranks nor rule enforcement in matches, to punish the players who intentionally suicide early in a match or straight up joining a supposedly "competitive" team based mode drunk or with the intend to ruin the match for their teams. There were still people joining ranked with no camo and clearly untrained captains. The zero punishment for baddies is especially heart breaking.


The "real" ranked mode is Gold league. But due to the small player pool, players at bottom of Gold or even still playing advancement from Silver are matched with people in higher rankings. WG either has no choice, due to smaller pools, or think there's statistically no performance difference between Gold 5 to 2 with Gold 10 to 6. Admitting the latter, obviously, make the entire premise of "ranked" moot. This small player pool also means the possibility of stuck with the same few bad players match after match and thus ruining the overall performance of some players.

From a DD's perspective, the mode puts too much pressure on the class. The existence of CVs, people generally more keen on focusing DDs, and the inability for DDs to close the gap due to map design with radars; the class make and break a match. In general, any side losing DDs first, will lose the match. DDs early basically condemns their team to lose. Intentional suicides, afks, and drunkards in DDs further exaggerate the problem. If there's any basic joining requirements to be enforced, they should be enforced on DDs, eg, at least a reasonably trained captain with the standard dual camo, in a fully unlocked ship.

WG really have to enforce a minimum level of performance for players in ranked mode. Permanently ban those who intentionally suicide at the start then quickly switch to another ship in hope of drooling through enough games to advance. The presence of CVs must also be examined, especially if "save a star" mechanics is preserved. CVs should not be comparing with other players on the team in regards to saving their star, because their mere presence forces an entire, and the most populated – DDs, class impotent.

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