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I see many people discuss how the star system is flawed and broken etc. Curious about other ideas on how it could work.

Main complaint I've seen is that its about MM and if you get on a winning on losing team, sure you can play better and influence the game but some potatoes you just cant carry and no matter how well you played if you are on the losing side you don't advance you just don't lose a star which is not horrible, but feels so much worse than seeing on the winning side a {insert ship} who literally did nothing with at the bottom of the scoreboard with almost no base xp gaining a star.

Curious on thoughts.

Winning Side Top of the scoreboard 2 stars.

Losing Side Top of the scoreboard 1 star gained.

Everyone who did worse base xp wise than the top of losing side doesn't get a star.

Anyone who did worse than the bottom of the scoreboard on the opposite side loses a star even if they were on the winning side.

Im not entirely sure how BaseXP works, it always seems higher on the winning side, but I assume it is somewhat fair across the board and not boosted by winning or losing. Normally it is higher on the winning side because they did more which is why they won.

Is this perfect? I'm sure it isn't…. What it should highlight is that ranking up is more about individual performance than which team you were on. I'd love to see something like this that is more about skill based stars and less about win based stars.

In this battle the Reds Won

  • Winning Henri gets 2 stars for being top of the winning side.
  • Winning Yamato gets 1 star gained for being above the base XP of the top Loser
  • Losing Shima gains a star for being on top
  • Everyone else on the winning side does not get a star because they were below the Shima
  • Harugumo and DesMoines dont loose stars because they were above the Kurfurst
  • Losing side bottom 4 in this screenshot lose a star because they were below the Kurfurst on the Bottom of the winning side

y2ypj0ewzc431 - Ranked Star Discussion

Red Team Won

Maybe this changes the Star Economy or how many you need to rank out, but in this system it is most important to be the best on the winning side and to be on the winning side playing better than your Enemy.

If you lose it is most important to lose gloriously punishing the enemy team for any mistakes even if they win, the better you do on t he losing side the more "Winners" wont get a free star.

This prevents me from gaining a star if I yolo in, die in the first few minutes and leave my team shorthanded. In fact I could lose a star this way if Everyone on the losing team gets more Base XP than I did.

Anyway open discussion. I like that this is about Skill, not Matchmaking. If you want to be the winning team play Clan Battles. This is about being the best and working with your team to achieve the highest you can

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