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Rapid-fire premium ideas thread!

WorldOfWarships4 - Rapid-fire premium ideas thread!

Tier X Japanese battleship Awaji
Based on the Number 13-class fast battleship design variant intended to be armed with eight 480mm main guns, which are now a thing that the game supports. The longest-ranged ships in the game bar none with Vickers 480mm/50 guns. Similar AA setup to Kii, with a lot of flak (Hayate secondaries), a strong mid-range aura with knockoff Bofors guns, and underwhelming danger-close protection. Also, because these guns are properly gigantic guns designed in the twenties, they reload in 40 seconds.

Tier III American cruiser Tennessee
Imagine, if you can, a bigger St. Louis… The Tennessee is an armored cruiser, built in real life, with a main battery of four 10-inch guns, secret-documented up to 45-caliber length, reloading in 20 seconds and firing out to 12.66 kilometers. The ship also has a disgusting amount of secondary guns with sixteen 6-inch guns firing out to 3 kilometers as well as twenty South Carolina secondary guns firing out to 3 kilometers, with four of them being high-angle mounts. This ship has 31,700 hitpoints and a battleship heal, which seems broken until you remember that it also has four main guns. Also, it goes at 22 knots and has a decent turning circle.

Tier X American battleship United States

pic2 - Rapid-fire premium ideas thread!

A picture speaks volumes.
A 79-kiloton monster of a ship, measuring 381 meters in length. Also fitted is eleven inches of belt armor and eleven inches of deck armor – screw plunging fire. Top speed, thirty-two knots, able to make it eleven thousand nautical miles at full speed forward the whole way! To get this much metal going that fast, the ship is, of course, equipped with 310,000 shaft horsepower under the armored deck, with 40 water-tube boilers driving four turbo-electric turbines coupled to four house-sized electric motors powering four more house-sized electric motors. Turning circle… 1,600 meters.
For secondaries, the ship gets twenty 5-inch guns in casemates and four 4-inch dual-purpose guns. AA armament consists of a pittance of Bofors guns on the bow and fantail, supported by a giant concentration of quadruple 1.1-inch "piano" mounts amidships.
Take that, secret Russian documents.

Tier III British battleship Agamemnon
When the memes are too strong. Sometimes real ships are much, much more hilarious than whatever WG cooks up in their spare time. Agamemnon's main battery is composed of four 305mm/45 Mk X guns (the same guns from Dreadnought), which seems frustrating. Agamemnon's secondary battery is primarily composed of ten 234mm/50 Mk XI guns in four twin and two single turrets, which is not at all frustrating. The main secondary guns (?) have a range of 7.68 kilometers and reload in 15 seconds. Agamemnon also gets twenty-four smaller and faster firing 3-inch secondaries with a 3 kilometer range. The ship has 33,600 hitpoints and can make 19 knots.
Be careful closing to use those nice high-velocity secondaries. That Longjiang that looked so tiny a few seconds ago will start filling the water with bars-over-triangles in no time flat, completely undetected, flooding you again and again, then infuriatingly saying in chat nought but one single :), a grisly demise that I still face in my Nassau.

Tier VI Pan-American battleship Riachuelo
A Brazilian battleship that was historically cancelled prematurely. Riachuelo's main armament is eight short-barreled 15-inch guns, whereas her very heavy secondary armament consists of fourteen 6-inch and ten 4-inch guns, with four more dual-purpose 3-inch "anti-balloon" AA guns and a smattering of machine guns around the superstructure. In case you weren't counting, this puts her secondary battery barrel count at 28. Her belt armor is America-level with 343mm armor amidships. As for speed, she gets to go at 22.5 knots.
This is a ship for close-range brawling if anything, given the 380mm/42 main guns and the heavy secondary armament that kicks even Queen Elizabeth into space on barrel count.

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