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Tier VII or VIII Japanese aircraft carrier Akagi
I'm surprised this isn't already a thing, really.

Tier IX or X British battleship St. Andrew
Armed with an awkward layout of 457mm/45 Mk II guns firing light shells at high velocity, and based directly on the real historical design of the N3-class battleships.

Tier V Japanese cruiser Ayase
It's Jintsu-class. As such, it gets 61-centimeter torpedo tubes… and Type8 Mod. 2 torpedoes. In addition, it's missing one of the usual seven guns to carry a twin dual-purpose gun. With only six guns, it's only natural that this ship has strong AA, a Defensive AA Fire consumable, and Yubari ballistics to compensate. Also, it's a premium ship with 140mm guns, so it has Aiming Systems Modification 0.
The obvious drawback of all of this is that it's a tier five Kuma… think about what it could be facing two tiers higher.

Tier X Japanese cruiser Rokugo
The Super B-65, accept no substitutes. They took Azuma and re-armed her with 356mm guns to counter the Alaska-class cruisers. Based on the real historical intent to re-arm the Super Type A cruisers with even bigger guns.

Tier X American cruiser Hawaii
The third Alaska-class large cruiser as never-completed in real life, but as fantastically rearmed with all fourteen of her quadruple Bofors guns replaced with twin 76mm automatic guns, giving her the mid-range AA aura of Salem. Also, armed with three twin 5"/54 guns as secondaries and long-range AA. Effectively a saltier Alaska.

Tier X American battleship Louisiana
A Montana-class battleship clone for Free Experience, counted as a "special" ship instead of a premium ship.

Tier IV American destroyer Hatfield
Clemson, but with five-inch guns. It existed in real life, so no one is allowed to complain about how much this would break tier four, a tier which is already badly broken.


Tier IX American destroyer Pringle
Fletcher, but missing a gun and some torpedoes to carry a spotter. This seems a little weird and definitely not a good trade until you remember that Fletcher already has insane range for a destroyer. The memes make themselves.

Tier X American battleship New Hampshire
A Montana-class battleship rebuilt as a counter-Kremlin. Armed with three triple 16"/56 Mk 4 high-velocity guns, with a super-heavy AP shell and 60 ~ 67.5 AP angles. At long range, these guns will have no problem crushing through Soviet deck armor.

Tier X French battleship Nivernais
Armed with the 45cm/45 Mle 1920 gun in two quadruple turrets, firing a 1,366 kilogram AP shell. Obviously also armed with absurd numbers of Bofors guns of various calibers. If the Scaleform monkeys were feeling lazy, they could just build this ship on top of the existing hull of the Republique.

Tier IX American battleship South Dakota
P R O T O M O N T A N A.

Tier IX American "battleship" Lexington
I am speed.


Tier X German battleship Maria Eva Neidhart
Main armament: 3 x 2 53 cm/52 Gerät 36 guns. Effectively both one of the best ships in the game, as her AP shells deal 22,500 damage on a citadel hit, and one of the worst, as she has the turret layout of Gniesenau and the same 1.8 sigma. Like Thunderer on steroids. Able to overmatch 37mm armor.

Tier VIII Japanese aircraft carrier Owari
Really, why not just rebuild a Kii-class as an aircraft carrier? Also, why not give it a huge squadron of Shokek stock rockets that melts instantly, then Tenzans as both its bombers and its torpedo bombers?

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