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RE: Weekly Ship Spotlight: Tashkent, the Blue Cruiser! (Tashkent-Guide from a Tashkent-Unicum Part 2)

WorldOfWarships1 - RE: Weekly Ship Spotlight: Tashkent, the Blue Cruiser! (Tashkent-Guide from a Tashkent-Unicum Part 2)

Early Game:

Many people may convince you that the Tashkent is a mid to late-game beast. But that far from the truth.

You can be very crucial to your team in early game: Area denial!

If you equip your Tashkent properly you have a whooping 15.2km range! That means you can stay away from any threat while shooting.

In Early game it's very important to let them see you. Nobody likes pesky DDs who farm damage on slow BBs/CL/CA with slow guns and huge shell arcs so your presence near an uncapped cap can be the deciding factor whether they cap or not.

They don't want to use their damagecon so they think twice to start the game with one or two fires just to extinguish them and get torped by a more capable dd-player with better torpedos (e.g. shima/gearing)

many people do underestimate that a burning ship also increases their spotting range so they're easier to spot for you team.

So go in there – go hard! Set some fires and GTFO!

You'll be surprised how little effort it takes to delay a cap for the enemy by 30s – 1min.

Another good opportunity for you is to let them focus you: don't be afraid let them shoot at you!Because you have the advantage of speed, no citadel and Repairparty! So any damage you can dodge makes them not shoot friendly ships.

It's better than letting them citadel/defstrike a friendly BB or CL/CA

And bonus: if you do that well, you provide your team three things: damacon ships! spotted targets and time to cap


Also called the Golden age of Tashkent! Your place is in the heart of the battle to save what can be saved! You swap between flanks and try to hold them when they crumble!

A Tashkent is completely capable of holding a flank – or rather delay an enemy push for up to 5 mins (yes! i've done it several times!)

Use your speed to your advantage – with speed boost and speedflag is 48.5knts, so you're fast enough to relocate to any flank!

You either push with your team on flank, or you hold a flank: it depends how manly your are!

When you push a flank with your team: go in and set fires! Fires! Fires! Provide your team with plenty of damacon ships so they may reset them on fire!

And when you do that you will experience (although many of your allied ships are with you), that the enemies will focus you! You're the pesky DD which shoots endlessly at them makes them frustrated, angry and blind for their obvious demise!

Again, don't be afraid to dodge shells! Every salvo, that you can dodge is another salvo wasted!

When you defend a flank and/or in a retreating fight you should play with your range and spotting range! stay at 10-12km away and kite away.

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Use your torpedos as area denial! They are good for making the enemy hesitant because they have to reconsider their path and/or have to slow down!

Every second is precious! Set fires! You can slow down a push considerably! Many people hate fires! So they either let the fires burn and provide you with free damage

or they extinguish them promptly! Another thing that could happen is that they lose track of their initial push and try to chase you down – which is perfect: they ain't gonna get ya anyway!

Late Game:

When you're on the losing side:

The trickiest part of any match for the Tashkent! you have a massive spotting range! So if they have any proper DD-player you will be spotted anyway! And it's easier for them to fire at you even with your speed.

Try to isolate any threatening ships from the surviving bulk of the enemy game e.g. DDs! You can gun down nearly any DD (except Harugomo and Khabarovsk), that tries his luck with you.


Use the width of the map to make them isolate themselves by overconfident DDs who just chase you endlessly and loosing track of supporting ships: turn around and kill them.

Don't make a fool of yourself and don't let them corner you! Use your spotting range to get unspotted to change your path! It's the same as a retreating fight while holding a flank in the midgame

you get the most amazing fight!

When you're on the winning side:

GG – just farm! And maybe try to isolate threats like DDs and kill them first

to sum it up:

– Early game: stun the enemy!

– Midgame: help your team!

– Late game: stay alive!


you don't because you're constantly shooting and go in without a smoke you are a prime target for CVs

but I can relay the information that was given to me by Mr. conway personally:

I'm really not a DD expert or someone who plays RU DDs in particular so I don't think I can give a great amount of advice, but…

Hang back with your team a bit more in the first few minutes of the match, if the enemy CV wants to hurt you he will bleed planes like crazy and make it easier for you in the late game.

Always use the "P" key to switch off your AA until the enemy planes have spotted you, that often means it is too late for rocket planes to engage you in the first run and lets you take out more of the planes. Always switch it right back off when the planes leave your spotting range.

If the CV REALLY wants you dead, find an AA death cruiser and stick with him for a while, as you are a mini cruiser that generally should work OK anyway 🙂

Not sure if that helped 🙂

Cheers, Conway

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otherwise you have to suffer through it like the red army suffered through the great losses in the early stages of Operation Barbarossa.

bear it! dont give up! you'll see the tide of the match shifting!

my Built (which differs slightly from Reshis):

  • Main Armament Modification 1
  • Engine Boost Modification 1
  • to get the engine Boost
  • Aiming Systems Modification 1
  • Steering Gears Modification 2
  • Concealment Expert

this is crucial because even without concealment expert it drops your spotting range to 8.2km just bearely not enough to match your torpedo range.

this is also important because you use your torpedos as area denial – when spotted, drop them in widespread and create a area which cannot be passed easily while yourun away from anything that outspots you

  • Main Armament Modification 3

just pump that DPM out!

my Comander (who differs slightly from Reshis):

  • Priority Target
  • Preventatice Maintenance

for a knife-fighter built a must have! you get your guns knocked out like no tomorrow without it if you fight below 6km bow in against a Mino/Harugumo

Adrenaline Rush

  • Last Stand
  • Superintendent
  • Demolition Expert
  • Advanced Firing Training

My Comander: Alexander Ovechkin

always use these special tracers! So they know you sealclub in the Tashkent! (and the HP buff)

As a final conclusion:

Be brave! Frederick the Great once said: audaciousness! audaciousness! always be daring in the face of an enemy!

go try her! she's fun! but she's a Diva – you dont drive her, she's driving you!

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