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Rebuild of Commander Rework 3.333 You Can(not) Redo

WorldOfWarships6 - Rebuild of Commander Rework 3.333 You Can(not) Redo

BB captain skills proposals:

"AA" Gunner(Auxiliary Armaments Gunner): Increases short range continues AA hit probability to 90%, reduces maximum dispersion of secondary guns by 10%.

Super-Heavy AP Shells: Reduces shell velocity by 15%, increases over/normal penetration damage by 10% (maximum damage not changed).

Enhanced Anti-torpedo Protection: Damage reduction by 100 each tier(basically only effective against CV torps).

Long Range Auxiliary Armament Shells: Increases secondary battery range by 20%, increases long range AA hit probability by 10%.

Dead Eye—>Tunnel Vision: Auto-lock-on and auto-target-switch are disabled. Hold X for 5s to manually lock on/switch to any target. Requirements for the accuracy bonus to take effect is not changed.

Improved Auxiliary Armament Aiming: reduces maximum secondary dispersion by 35%(when manual), increases mid-range continues AA hit probability by 15%.

Close Quarter Combat—>Outnumbered: 10% off all reload/cooldown after receiving potential damage from 3 or more enemies within the past 20s. Does not stack.

Emergency Repair Expert: +1 charge of repair party and damage control, repair party can heal up to 40% of citadel/torpedo damage and it would not replenish HP of superstructure. Reduces healing capacity of non-critical damages by 30%.

CA/L captain skill proposals:

Enhanced Torpedo Explosive Charge—>Fearless Brawler: Reload of guns and torpedoes do not fully reset after being disabled(30s for torps give or take).


Heavy AP Shells: Reduces shell velocity by 10%, increases over/normal penetration damage by 15%, effective for all cruisers.

Survivability Expert: Reduces citadel and torpedo damage by 20%

Top Grade Gunner: Maximum dispersion is reduced by 10% when not detected by the enemy.

Outnumbered—>Close Quarter Combat: -8% to all reload/cooldown when enemy ship is within standard detection range.

IFHE: reduces fire chance by 30%

DD captain skill proposals:

Grease The Gears: Flat 1~2 degrees per second instead of a % increase so that ships with bad turrets might want it.

IFHE: reduces fire chance by 50%

Fearless Brawler: Reload of guns and torpedoes do not fully reset after being disabled.

Dazzle: it looks good enough on paper but I heard it's useless in test environment, so I don't know what should be done about it.

CV captain skill proposals:

My hope is that CVs even when with an avg team, could be encouraged to get closer to battle, not punished. When surface ships know the enemy CV must be somewhere inside of their gun range just behind an island on the other side of the cap, there will be much much less hate towards CVs.

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