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Recurring neural net generated ships, see my earlier post for the input that resulted in these.

WorldOfWarships7 - Recurring neural net generated ships, see my earlier post for the input that resulted in these.

I am willing to send people proof of all of these. Generated using the
textsynth - Recurring neural net generated ships, see my earlier post for the input that resulted in these. recurring neural network.


The first coherent ship generated all in one run by the neural net I was running. A Russian enlargement of the American design for the Nicholas-class destroyers, but due to the space taken up by her guns, it was evidently the designers' prerogative to make the fire control system shouting-based, resulting in an unrivaled sigma value.

Nation: Russian
Type: Destroyer
Tier: V

Consumables: Standard Damage Control, Standard Fighter or Japanese Destroyer Defensive AA Fire

Main Battery: 5 x 2 127mm/38 Mk21 mod.1
Range: 10.93 km
Reload Time: 4.00 seconds
AP Damage: 2,100 (792 m/s)
HE Damage: 1,800 (792 m/s)
Heaviness: 1.2
HE Penetration: 1/5
HE Fire Chance: 10.0%
Sigma: 1.1

Speed: 37 kts (40 s full power forward)
Turning circle: 600 m

Hitpoints: 23,600
Belt Armor: 9mm
Bulkhead Armor: 9mm
Deck Armor: 6mm
Turret Armor: 6mm
Detecting range: 6.45 km

Torpedoes: 54 mm Goncharov V-3
Torpedo Damage: 2,000
Torpedo Range: 3.85 km
Torpedo Speed: 57 kts

AA Flak Burst: 2 + 0
AA Flak Damage: 1,300
Average AA DPS: 132.5

Comments on Gorni

Five dual Nicholas guns, on a tier V ship, with an immensely overpowered fire chance and a 1.1 (!) sigma. I wouldn't have included this ship in my post if not for the fact that it spit out a citadel-less light cruiser with a sigma never before seen, and 54 mm torpedoes to boot. Seriously, those torpedoes deal less damage than the main guns. I'm sure their reload time is hilarious but I left out torpedo layout and reload time parameters on my early sets of input ships so that there would be less for the bot to trip over and have a stroke. It also has fighters that can be swapped out for the same Defensive AA Fire consumable found on Japanese destroyers.

Wait a minute…


Gosudar was generated in fits and starts by the neural network, which absolutely refused to comply with the basic formatting rules demonstrated in the input. She is a Georgian light cruiser armed with 12-inch guns, presumably designed to contest the Russian dominance of the Black Sea. Her name is an archaic term for "sovereign", but this was not immediately obvious and had to be googled.

Nation: Georgian
Type: Light Cruiser
Tier: VII

Consumables: Standard Damage Control, Russian Destroyer Smoke Generator, American Destroyer Defensive AA Fire


Main Battery: 3 x 2 305mm/50 5th Year Type I MOD. 3
Range: 9.89 km
Reload Time: 18.00 seconds
AP Damage: 8,300 (937 m/s)
HE Damage: 1,700 (937 m/s)
HE Penetration: 1/10HE
Fire Chance: 20%
Sunship AA DPS: 100

Secondary Battery: 4 x 4 125mm/50 Type 59 MOD. 2
Secondary Battery Range: 4.50 km
Torpedoes: Type59 mod.1
Torpedo Damage: 5,700
Torpedo Range: 7.99 km
Torpedo Speed: 64 kts
Torpedo Reload Time: 120 seconds

AA Volley: 2 + 0
AA Volley Damage: 1,400
Average AA DPS: 160.0

Comments on Gosudar

What the actual fuck?

First off, I have no hitpoints or armor data, so let's just assume that's on the high end for her tier, around Myoko's total.

I also have no sigma data because the bot replaced sigma with "Sunship AA DPS" and I had to copy that along with the rest of the main battery data while trying to complete this output, so let's assume sigma to be somewhere between 1.8 and 2.0.

You see, there's nothing that can be done to stop this ship from being a mess through and through. Her secondary battery is chambered in a wildcat caliber and mounted in quadruple turrets. Her torpedoes are, very oddly, actually consistent with Pan-European torpedoes as we've seen so far.

Also, despite being a "light cruiser", she has 12-inch guns with an absurdly short range and no possible way to improve that range. Her HE shells just refuse to be normal, and have 1/10 diameter penetration, extremely low damage, and a 20% fire chance. I can only assume this was Georgia's attempt to copy Germany's "igniting" shells as used in their large-caliber guns. In practice, this means that Gosudar players are, frustratingly enough, forced to use AP shells only for all purposes except setting fires. Gosudar's AP is pretty much normal, with normal 12-inch AP damage and higher velocity.

As a minor complaint, the bot completely made up "Sunship AA DPS", which doesn't mean anything. It also changed "AA Flak Bursts" to "AA Volley" for reasons I am unable to explain.

This ship also has smoke and Defensive AA Fire. Because when all the Russian ships you're up against outrange you by close to double your range, it's in your interest to pop smoke to set yourself up against return fire.

That's all for now… Outtakes might be made available.
Edit: Reddit ate my shift-enter spacing and I had to fix every single line.

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