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Regarding the Etymology of “Salem”

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For those who don't know, X SALEM is a tier 10 "freemium" heavy cruiser that can be exchanged for coal in the armory. It's key features or "gimmicks" are a shorter range and duration radar and a superheal.

Furthermore, Salem has a ridiculously low service fee when compared to X DES MOINES, her sister ship of the same class. A lot of people treat Salem as a bit of a meme. There are good players out there who play Salem effectively, capitalizing on the superheal, positioning carefully and making do with the shorter duration radar. However, there are also a certain group of "less gifted" players who tend to suicide at the beginning of the battle by virtue of the low service cost and the superheal being an incentive for "aggressive play."

Salem is NOT a ship you can play aggressively. Just because you have the superheal doesn't mean you can play super aggressive and charge the enemy. Your 27mm bow plating cannot bow tank, your 30mm deck can bounce a few of the incoming shells, but most of the time you'll be eating massive AP damage at any angle from 431mm guns or greater, which includes:


– X CONQUEROR (457mm variant)

– X KREMLIN 457mm

– X YAMATO 460mm

– IX MUSASHI 460mm

– IX GEORGIA 457mm

Salem players tend not to listen to this sort of talk for some absurd reason. There are those willing to submit to rational opinion. Unfortunately, they are the exception rather than the rule. There are a fair number of Salem players with garbage win rates and personal ratings out there, doing nothing other than suiciding and complaining that their respective teams are, well, "garbage." We tend to call this "salty" behavior.

Luckily for us, etymology seems to agree with our assessment of this predicament.


The word Salem is a direct derivation from the Latin word Salem. For those who don't know what the case system is, the case system is essentially a system for conjugating nouns depending on their role in the sentence. There is no such system in the English language.

In latin, there are seven cases:

Nominative (subject)

Genitive (possessive)

Accusative (direct object)

Dative (indirect object)

Ablative (anything not listed above)

Vocative (addressing the object)

This is a really watered down version; you can read
Grammatical case#Latin - Regarding the Etymology of "Salem"

the relevant Wikipedia articlefor a better explanation.

There are also groups of nouns that use different endings when they decline. There are five such declensions in Latin. Salem falls into the third declension group.

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Therefore, if we remove the accusative case ending (-em) from Salem, we get the word Sal. Here is the definition of sal:

85bpi1utnj431 - Regarding the Etymology of "Salem"

The latin definition of Salem is literally just salt.

Therefore, it can be reasonably inferred that Salem is just salt. Object salt, too.

On top of all this, the other definition describes the wit of whomever is being addressed. Another fitting definition, as we all know that a lot of Salem players find themselves bereft of the wit needed to not lose their ship in the first 5 minutes of a game.

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