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Remove the Repair Circle in Raptor Rescue and Replace it With a Passive Heal

WorldOfWarships1 - Remove the Repair Circle in Raptor Rescue and Replace it With a Passive Heal

Raptor Rescue has become a significantly-better op after the rework that gave it multiple paths. It's much less linear and the enemies put up a good fight even if you have prior knowledge of where they spawn and how to counter them, making it interesting even for veterans while also keeping it approachable for new players.

However, there is one aspect of the operation that has not aged well. The repair circle. Back when the op was introduced, enemies pretty much came from only one direction, and the only real deviation you needed to make from the group was right after the repair ships reached Raptor to sink the Zuiho for the extra star. Even then, timed right, it didn't detract from fleet defense because nobody else was around. Additionally, the transports could originally only make about 20 knots (they were buffed to 25 when Narai was reworked), and Raptor sailed at half speed, not to mention there was the scripted engine failure that bought teams time to deal with enemies. The denser enemy placement, faster speed of Raptor, and lack of the scripted engine failure on most of the paths (it still exists on the center one) has made Raptor Rescue's pace faster, and requires more involvement from the team as a whole to both win and 5-star. Ships need to be positioned further ahead of the carrier to ensure enemies are spotted with adequate time to kill them (or, if you have a CV, he should be doing that, whereas spotting was pretty much optional before the rework).

Where does the repair circle come in then? First and foremost, its presence encourages passive behavior of the exact kind Raptor Rescue punishes heavily for. Instinct is to hover around it, especially as it is the only source of health for most ships available for the op. None of this is helped in the least by the fact Engineer explicitly orders teammates to "stay close" with his pre-scripted message. Another concern is that the AI always tries to avoid collisions, and as a result allies hovering in the repair circle make Engineer slow down to avoid collisions, thus allowing Raptor to drift out of the repair circle. Furthermore, some ships, and all but a few BBs particularly, have no ability to catch Engineer in a practical amount of time unless a teammate slows him down by running into him, which only exacerbates the problem I just brought up.

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However, the fact is unavoidable: ships need repairs with the amount of damage they take in this op. So, if the repair circle is removed, something else needs to be supplying them with extra health. So, to that end, I propose that Engineer simply distribute a Arms Race-style buff that gives passive regeneration to all allied ships (including Arsenal, Aviator, and Raptor) once the squad moves out instead. The exact heal rates can be adjusted, but I think a good starting point is 10% of what you current heal per second in the repair circle (I don't remember all the numbers off the top of my head, but that should work out to about 25 HP/sec for CAs and DDs), the significantly-lower amount being a compensation for having the heal working at all times. This way, the op still maintains a degree of challenge while being more intuitive to play correctly.

It also wouldn't hurt if some of your AI allies' messages appeared in the sidebar as well as in the chat. There are players who mute their chat and/or ignore it, and those messages do have information that can be useful to those who haven't memorized the script of the op.

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