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REPOST for live server: How to do the sub mission 5 stars with some tips!

WorldOfWarships3 - REPOST for live server: How to do the sub mission 5 stars with some tips!


First of all this is a repost of what I posted during the beta, but I've gotten a few requests that I should repost this for when you guys have any trouble on the live server so here it is! (sorry if reposting is not allowed, I just want people that need some help to get it) Keep in mind they have changed the keys to the diving controls to F and C and the castle seems to be a bit easier to spot on this difficulty (may not be as easy on hardmode!).

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Hey guys I've seen a lot of questions about the submarine gamemode and on how to complete it 5 stars (normal/hard). I've been able to test the gamemode while in Flamu's division (some of you might have seen someone named Joestar there) and we tried out a few tactics and figured out the following:

First of all completing the other older operations 5 stars will give you other subs and in my opinion Gerfalcon is the most important one out of the bunch since it has good camo, 1:30 submerged and some very good torpedo power while being fast. You can definitely do this in other subs though.

Doing the event:

The runner: You need someone that is the designated runner (preferably in a Zipper or Gerfalcon) that spots the castle located on the top of the map or you won't have enough time to do all the objectives, this person should go full speed towards the castle and on the way torp some stuff here and there for the ones in the back to clean up. The castle won't be visible but if you get right next to the island inside of the very small harbor (possibly submerged, not sure if on surface triggers it) you will complete the objective and remove the timer counting down.

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Doing the run in a Barracuda is difficult, I would recommend the Gerfalcon since it can stay underwater for 1:30, has freezing torps forwards and normal torps in the back, good camo and doesn't have to be exposed long. Since you don't always have the Gerfalcon you can unlock the Zipper easier, it is amazing for the castle run it since you can pretty much stay underwater for short times but replenish oxygen almost as fast as you surface, giving the bots a very small window of hitting you. Basically in the Zipper if you see the enemy turn the guns you submerge again with a near full tank.


The rest of the team: So with someone spotting the castle, you don't have the timer counting down and you now just need 1 or 2 people spotting the coastal installations (make sure to get them behind the castle too) to complete that objective while the rest of the team sweeps up the kills that are needed.

Finally when you've done all the objectives and the only thing left is kill Rasputin, you just focus your fire on it and it will melt pretty quickly (remember to use the rear tubes on the Gerfalcon if you are playing it).

Other tips:

  • Make sure to throw a freeze torp in any ship close to you, it will disable the ship and it will be unable to shoot you and sit still in the water. (only Rasputin sometimes slowly moves while stunned, the rest should slowly stop dead in the water)

  • On shore installations cannot spot you, you don't need to shoot at them with secondaries or anything, just kill the ships on route for the people that aren't the runner.

  • In the final area there will be some DDs hunting you down, if you freeze torp them you can easily hit them with normal torps afterwards since they will stop moving, watch out for their depth charges though, don't go underneath them.

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Lastly it's a really fun event, lots of mechanics and some solid gameplay time in it, the devs really put out something fun and most of all beautiful and I think we can congratulate them on it. At the moment I don't think submarines will have a good place in PvP because of the frustrating gameplay it will have for the people getting torped, but I think it's a great addition into PvE at least. Only time will tell.

Hopefully this helps you all out, thanks for reading and good luck.

TL;DR: Get a runner to sit submerged in the harbor in front of the castle to spot it and do the rest of the objectives without the timer to get it done easily.


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