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I started playing WoWS in 2016, and I had a good time playing through most of the lines. However, last year, I started to get burned out and I ground the Kronshtadt then abandoned the game, mostly due to burnout and going overseas and being unable to connect to the NA server (turns out you ping around 300 in the Middle East which is virtually unplayable).

I switched to War Thunder (tanks, planes, boats, and combined arms were refreshing) and I've been getting my vehicle fix from there (the ability to select server is amazing, and I think the grind is actually better). I was excited for the Leningrad event a few months ago, and I like how you have line-ups and can spawn multiple times in the same battle. Its also nice when you get knocked out of a battle to be able to take the line-up immediately into another match, without having to wait because the ships you want to play are "locked in battle." I also like that the ships/boats/tanks are actually manned and the gunners are shown, so the models don't look as much like ghost ships.


However, there are a few things that make me want to return to WoWS – capital ships haven't made it to WT yet, and I really like the models in WoWS that are unique, like early WW1 designs and paper "what-ifs." I may be one of the few, but I am super stoked for the new Soviet BBs, particularly Sovietskiy Soyuz – I am really wanting to crank up my NA account and jump on it. Also, the recent release of Georgia has me pondering picking it up also, especially since its my home state and I've seen some reviews that say it is super fun. It looks really cool too, and even if Gaijin decided to add BBs, I think it is highly improbable they would add something like Georgia (fingers crossed for Sovietskiy Soyuz tho).

I have dabbled some on the RU server at tier 3-4 (way better connection, language immersion purposes), but I haven't played anything higher tier since January, and I don't have first hand experience of the CV meta outside tier 5-6. The reddit here is extremely salty about the CV re-work (and Soviet BBs) and the high tier meta (more salty than the WT reddit for sure) which has put me off about coming back to the game – I'm worried that finally playing the Sovietskiy Soyuz or the Georgia might be disappointing/not live up to the hype I've built up for them/not be fun.


I guess this is another one of those "should I come back" threads. Is Sovietskiy Soyuz and Georgia worth suffering the CV/blob meta? Is the CV really the nightmare scenario this reddit makes it seem like?

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