World of Warships

Reworked Aircraft Carriers – Round 2 Testing

WorldOfWarships6 - Reworked Aircraft Carriers - Round 2 Testing

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The main changes that have occurred since the first stage of testing include:

  1. New ships are waiting for you in the new stage of testing. You can now participate in the aircraft carriers at tier VIII and X, as well as artillery ships tier VIII – X.

  2. We've reconfigured the squadron's consumables:

    • The cooling of the engine (longer boost);
    • Patrol fighters (summons more fighters to counter enemy planes);
    • Repair (restores more HP of the squadron than previously).
  3. On the test, there were significant balance changes that affected the consumables, settings and mechanics of air defense guns, aircraft and aircraft carrier settings.

  4. We have changed the aiming indicators of the Attack Aircraft and now it takes into account the current speed of the squadron. Changed the camera of dive bombers at the time of aiming, and improved the camera in the other classes of planes. Now they have become more convenient.

  5. According to numerous reviews, the display of the aircraft carrier hangar has been changed. Added a timer on the UI that shows the status of the attack. Display of the consumable "Patrol fighters" became more obvious and noticeable.

  6. Improved the effects of aircraft explosions, the effects of fire and smoke from the aircraft, the fall of a downed aircraft and the splash from rockets into the water.


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