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Russian BB line feedback (my 5 cents)

WorldOfWarships2 - Russian BB line feedback (my 5 cents)

First of all, I have to say I'm excited to get new ship line, and I have no issues with it being mostly fictional Russian BB line. This is not about "why can't we get something else?" text.

However, I do have some concerns about what we know so far about Russian BBs.

Issue 1: Fiction and Imagination vs. Reality

Given the fact, that Russian navy only had 7 almost identical battleships, I see no issue with filling the line with not finished ships like Izmail or Sovetsky Soyuz and some completely fictional boats. However, I think the direction developers took is not optimal, especially for Russian / Soviet navy. Advertised line of battleships / battle-cruisers is looking like an attempt to create continuous family of ships, similar to what large navies like British or American had. However, Russian navy never had such continuity back in the days. In fact, it was quite opposite: while British and American built large series of ships and progressed slowly from one to another, Russian, for multiple reasons, never had homogeneous fleets. Back in pre-dreadnought days Russian navy had series consisting of 1, maximum 2 battleships it (with exception for Borodino class). Retvizan was build in USA, Tsesarevich in France. That trend somehow continued in early Soviet days. Kirov was Italian project and Tashkent was actually built in Italy. All and all, Russia / USSR had a taste for foreign ships and when they built something on their own, results sometimes were rather unorthodox (


All and all, I think one of the unique feature of Russian BB line could be it's diversity. I would love to see there some ships inspired by Royal Navy, or by US (like monstrous Gibbs and Cox design with 8×457 guns), or something with clear German (battle cruiser Project-69E with 6×380 guns) or Italian pedigree. Pictures we have so far shows us rather bland and uninspiring ships. 3×3 turrets all the way? Really? I think it will be okay, but I see a lot of missed opportunities here.

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Issue 2: Naming.

Most of the names for paper ships are fine with one, but significant exception. Kremlin just doesn't fit. Tier 10 names are either real (Montana), or significant for the nation (FdG, Republique). Kremlin is neither. I found only 2 ships with same name in history of Russian / Soviet navy – coastal defense ironclad and gunboat. Why would somebody pick name of gunboat for most powerful battleship in nation? I think Pyotr Velikiy or Lenin would be much better names for Tier10.

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